Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My love for this blog

I could not find this question answer, I thought about it and realized there are few things in life which we don’t do because of any reason, we do it because we love to do it. we love the process of doing it, we enjoy the way it is done, and also we enjoy the end product of it and the admiration of people after that ( I think last one is the most important factor for me to write).

When I started this blog, it was just a thought something in college days where I could do something, few of friends also joined me in the process of writing in initial days, and they were more vocal than me, they written more blog then me and better blogs then me I should say. But with time they all disappeared, It not they are not present, they all are still my best friends but they could not give them time to blog from there busy schedule. After some time my enthusiasm also dropped big time and I stopped writing and updating anything on blog. There was a gap of around 7 to 8 month in which I did nothing on blog. I lost my motivation for this blog, why I should write, for whom I should write and what I should write was the hardest question for me. I don’t have answer for any of the question; I though hang on minute these things don’t excite to me anymore, so I should make a quit from this. After that there was a long silence form my side in blogging. If you ask me today, do I regret that, I would say no because that time made me realize what I missed and what should I not miss any more. I could not afford or will do anytime soon. 

Blogging has its own set of problem; people can say it is easy but in really apposite. Once people start reading your blog you become more conscious about what people are thing about your blog, you post, what they thing about your post, they like it or not, will it hurt some sentiments. It is like becoming a circle which has no end, you just keep on thinking, and one popular post put you under more presser to update better most post next time. I have seen those times when I used to think 100 times before updating anything. But now those thoughts are not in my mind, I know for whom I am writing, I am writing first and foremost for myself. The other might like it or might not like it also, but I can’t appease everyone, I have to be true to myself. That was the time when I realized about the other topic to write apart from my college life. And that day I made a promise from myself, that I would not write about college life, until and unless I can stay true to myself, which I know in college life memories I have not been. 

Today when I see back at the journey, I find so many movement when I want to say quit, so many movement when I was happy but there where most of time when I don’t have any clue what I am doing. I have learned about blogging and everything by doing. I learned how to customized your blog and design it, how to add facebook comment, how to add like box, how to add share box and some other tech thing, even though I don’t know anything about coding and could not understand it. But it was my passion for this blog which made me learn so many things.

The biggest learning experience has been the handling of stats, when I stated there was no clue about the analytics, I don’t what it means and how to do the analysis of things, but that is where my startup work comes to my help. I read and read more about it on net to know about how to handle things and how to do thing.  Slowly and gradually I came to know about most of things and it helped me in other things also. Learning is the best thing you can do anything, because you can see many things which you can never see before. 

I hope to learn far more thing from this blogging, and if it can help in any other form then that is added bonus for me. Life is like that, we love the thing we like to do.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The set of rule for Boys and set of rule for girls

I am not writing this post to prove anything, but I feel show how deep in our heart we have become so in human and unkind toward the one who has given us birth, who is our sister and who could be our wife, that we don’t treat them as a human. I want to Just take a example by X as a boy and Y as a girl, to prove my point, I am not giving them any name, because if I give them name people will find religion, they will find motive in my blog, they will either treat me a supporter of X religion or Y religion. I don’t want that, I want people to understand one point, that we all are same then why rules are different.

Story: X is a boy and Y is a girl, they both study in the same college and in same class. After 2 years they fall in love, they love each other very much. They never talked about anything till the time they get passed out from college. But the problem start from here, boy is from Different religion and girl is from religion, they both decide to get married no matter what happen. But before that they want to talk to their family one time. So X and Y both tell their family about their love. So here what happens in both the family, first let’s look at boy’s family.

X family reaction: He is the only child in his family, so everyone in family loves him. When they came to know about his love, they disagree, they tell him to marry in someone from their religion, but the boy was stand on his point to marry Y, then family member ask from other people what to do. Here come the religious leader and other society member, they first also try to force matter with X, but they knew it will not be possible to him to make him agree on their point. So they discuss with family member that it is fine if he marry with girl, because after all girl will marry and come in their home. So she has to follow their home rule. X also told to get Y agree on this point.  But the main point here is the people are angry with him but they are not forcing the matter with him as they know he is boy.

Let’s see what the scene in the girl’s family is

Y family reaction: The movements Y tell in her family about her love for X, it creates a big scene; people start to blame her study for this situation. Some blame her mother and some his father for her this decision. They start tell them that give freedom to your daughter this is what she will do, bring bad name to family. The next suggestion will be to get her married in the religion asap before things go out of hand. The girl will be told by her family emotionally how she has to behave because there are younger sister to her, which will not get married if she does this. Religious leader and other will give him the religion and other thing count how it is wrong to get married to other religion boy, and they will not accept this. They will try to force no matter what happens because this will become matter of their pride. Poor girl what wrong she has done?

I don’t know what will happen after this, but in 95% case they not get married. Because there is too much complication involved in it, but the kind of reaction girl face and the boy face is quite different. We don’t have the courage to tell the people what is wrong and right. But people have always done that with girl, they try to tell them what is right and what is wrong for them and also for their family. Why it is always girl who has to follow everything, but the bigger point is, when we such deep rooted biased in our system them how we can expect to give the equal right to the girls so easily. People don’t realize that change doesn’t come by law or by force, but it comes when you start practicing the right thing in a right way.

P.S.: I have really big problem to the people who take side with the religion basis, Right does not become wrong by religion. So don’t try to find religion everywhere, try to find some love also.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The forgotten club: Md. Sporting

My father once told me that Md. Sporting had a huge fan following even in the UP, evidentially because of their name and the people who where helm at the club, this club was the third pillar of the Kolkata football apart of Mohan began and East Bengal. This is only few of handful club in India who can be proud of their rich history and past. I am not sure lots of people today know about the club, even my knowledge is very limited. I have seen them in last decade going up and down from I league, losing to east Bengal and Mohan Began, In CFL they where even behind from United FC. So last year was very important for this club, when they regain possession in I league under the guidance of Sujoy sen. Frankly I don’t know about the coach so much but he did a great job in getting the team in I league with the squad and budget he has at his disposable.

When this new season started, there coach Sujoy sen decide not continue with his job. He deiced to quit his job citing the personal reason. I was really worried about the club, because when you come up from League 2, it is really important to maintain the continuity in the club, for that the Kolkata clubs are very infamous for.  So Mr. sporting was again on the same route to pick up the unwanted player form the other club, and also to be competitive in the I league. There is always danger of changing too much of the winning team, because in Kolkata if you fail, they will not forget. They will make it a big headline and there will be pubic pressure also. So in that case what they do that was the question?

They made two big signing this summer, Penni and Tozlab. There is big significance of both the signing for Md. Sporting, for a long time they have been not able to attract the big name in the club due to non presence in the league, but also due to there is no presence of star in the team. Penni and Tozalb are the start who will attract the players in the team, but also they were bought from there Kolkata rival East Bengal and Mohan Bagan, which eventually will weak them. The new look Md. Sporting looks good to me in term of team, but still they have to perform and win the match.

This is actually a good sign for Kolkata football and Indian football; we need old club like Md. Sporting in a healthy state so the player can have more choice of club and there is added spice of rivalry club have from the old time. We should applaud the work of Md. Sporting club in this summer and also the way club has closed its signing way before the start of the season rather than waiting for the start. As  I write this piece, Md. Sporting are already in the final of Durand cup, which is one of the oldest cup in the world after FA cup of England. If they win it, it will be huge boost for their confidence before start of CFL and I league. I hope they finish this season high on I league so the club can move forward rather than taking one step forward and two steps backward.

P.S.:  One time they had huge popularity in the Bangladesh and Pakistan also, They could not hold to that clout due to various reasons. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One step closer to Semi: East Bengal wins

It has been really eventful week for East Bengal fans, first of all there was really disturbing news of Coach and Player not getting along well before the AFC cup match and then the first competitive match of new coach again a team which is already half way of their league, but as it is said, all good if it ends well.  East Bengal wins prove this point, but still job half done, we have to wait for the second leg to see how the things goes well.

I could not watch the match as Star sports has refused to produce this game for live telecast due to economic reason, they say because there is not much interest for this match so we could not do match, I think they should have said the same thing for producing Indian A match for cricket. Second was the low turnout for east Bengal fan, only 5000 does not reflect the stature of this club, this shows how backward Indian football has gone, the passion and support of Kolkata club is not as it was few years back. But let’s not go to negative more and put focus on positive on game.

The east Bengal 1-0 win was very important for moral of the club because this was first match of the season, if you ask me they should have easily scored more Goals, James moga missed few sitters and as team also they were top of their game, which we can understand due to their first game. Most important thing is keeping clean sheet in the Home leg, It is really important, because the side of east Bengal have they will surely score one goal in second leg. Then it will be difficult for the next team to win.

This win also highlight the depth and strength of the bench on the east Bengal side, Sueoka who is indecently not on the good book of the coach came off the bench to score the goal. The option coach has to change the team was great. They still more matched under their belt to be match fill and to be in rhythm that was evident in the performance. Okapa was again reliable in the defense and Mehtab in the midfield. But the biggest waste was Moga, he missed few chance which could have put this tie on to the bed. And I liked the idea of seeing Alvito after such a long time on the field, He is only one who played last time East Bengal had successful in the AFC cupt, Give the credit to coach also to make the changes which made the difference in the game. I hope it is start of new season and new Hope for east Bengal.

This was match for the test of mental strength of east Bengal players, and they passed this test. The bigger test still waits for them in away leg, they need to be less wasteful and the midfield has to be stronger to win the match.

P.S.: Flapo will be happy man after this movement, because he was really under pressure from Kolkata press for last few days. I hope they will not talk of at least Morgan in his next press conference. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The winners of the contest are….

First thanks to the entire participant in the game on my blog, and sharing the result with me. I have to share the name and as well the prices with them. First let’s talk about the price, all the winner will receive one Engage Deo free, very soon all the winner will receive the price with them.

So the winners are:
Mr. Mohd Farhan
Mr. Konark Kashyap

And the last one is tie between Jayant Singh and Anandita Singh.

So it is now the winner responsibility to collect the award from me. J