Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One step closer to Semi: East Bengal wins

It has been really eventful week for East Bengal fans, first of all there was really disturbing news of Coach and Player not getting along well before the AFC cup match and then the first competitive match of new coach again a team which is already half way of their league, but as it is said, all good if it ends well.  East Bengal wins prove this point, but still job half done, we have to wait for the second leg to see how the things goes well.

I could not watch the match as Star sports has refused to produce this game for live telecast due to economic reason, they say because there is not much interest for this match so we could not do match, I think they should have said the same thing for producing Indian A match for cricket. Second was the low turnout for east Bengal fan, only 5000 does not reflect the stature of this club, this shows how backward Indian football has gone, the passion and support of Kolkata club is not as it was few years back. But let’s not go to negative more and put focus on positive on game.

The east Bengal 1-0 win was very important for moral of the club because this was first match of the season, if you ask me they should have easily scored more Goals, James moga missed few sitters and as team also they were top of their game, which we can understand due to their first game. Most important thing is keeping clean sheet in the Home leg, It is really important, because the side of east Bengal have they will surely score one goal in second leg. Then it will be difficult for the next team to win.

This win also highlight the depth and strength of the bench on the east Bengal side, Sueoka who is indecently not on the good book of the coach came off the bench to score the goal. The option coach has to change the team was great. They still more matched under their belt to be match fill and to be in rhythm that was evident in the performance. Okapa was again reliable in the defense and Mehtab in the midfield. But the biggest waste was Moga, he missed few chance which could have put this tie on to the bed. And I liked the idea of seeing Alvito after such a long time on the field, He is only one who played last time East Bengal had successful in the AFC cupt, Give the credit to coach also to make the changes which made the difference in the game. I hope it is start of new season and new Hope for east Bengal.

This was match for the test of mental strength of east Bengal players, and they passed this test. The bigger test still waits for them in away leg, they need to be less wasteful and the midfield has to be stronger to win the match.

P.S.: Flapo will be happy man after this movement, because he was really under pressure from Kolkata press for last few days. I hope they will not talk of at least Morgan in his next press conference.