Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My love for this blog

I could not find this question answer, I thought about it and realized there are few things in life which we don’t do because of any reason, we do it because we love to do it. we love the process of doing it, we enjoy the way it is done, and also we enjoy the end product of it and the admiration of people after that ( I think last one is the most important factor for me to write).

When I started this blog, it was just a thought something in college days where I could do something, few of friends also joined me in the process of writing in initial days, and they were more vocal than me, they written more blog then me and better blogs then me I should say. But with time they all disappeared, It not they are not present, they all are still my best friends but they could not give them time to blog from there busy schedule. After some time my enthusiasm also dropped big time and I stopped writing and updating anything on blog. There was a gap of around 7 to 8 month in which I did nothing on blog. I lost my motivation for this blog, why I should write, for whom I should write and what I should write was the hardest question for me. I don’t have answer for any of the question; I though hang on minute these things don’t excite to me anymore, so I should make a quit from this. After that there was a long silence form my side in blogging. If you ask me today, do I regret that, I would say no because that time made me realize what I missed and what should I not miss any more. I could not afford or will do anytime soon. 

Blogging has its own set of problem; people can say it is easy but in really apposite. Once people start reading your blog you become more conscious about what people are thing about your blog, you post, what they thing about your post, they like it or not, will it hurt some sentiments. It is like becoming a circle which has no end, you just keep on thinking, and one popular post put you under more presser to update better most post next time. I have seen those times when I used to think 100 times before updating anything. But now those thoughts are not in my mind, I know for whom I am writing, I am writing first and foremost for myself. The other might like it or might not like it also, but I can’t appease everyone, I have to be true to myself. That was the time when I realized about the other topic to write apart from my college life. And that day I made a promise from myself, that I would not write about college life, until and unless I can stay true to myself, which I know in college life memories I have not been. 

Today when I see back at the journey, I find so many movement when I want to say quit, so many movement when I was happy but there where most of time when I don’t have any clue what I am doing. I have learned about blogging and everything by doing. I learned how to customized your blog and design it, how to add facebook comment, how to add like box, how to add share box and some other tech thing, even though I don’t know anything about coding and could not understand it. But it was my passion for this blog which made me learn so many things.

The biggest learning experience has been the handling of stats, when I stated there was no clue about the analytics, I don’t what it means and how to do the analysis of things, but that is where my startup work comes to my help. I read and read more about it on net to know about how to handle things and how to do thing.  Slowly and gradually I came to know about most of things and it helped me in other things also. Learning is the best thing you can do anything, because you can see many things which you can never see before. 

I hope to learn far more thing from this blogging, and if it can help in any other form then that is added bonus for me. Life is like that, we love the thing we like to do.