Saturday, September 21, 2013

The set of rule for Boys and set of rule for girls

I am not writing this post to prove anything, but I feel show how deep in our heart we have become so in human and unkind toward the one who has given us birth, who is our sister and who could be our wife, that we don’t treat them as a human. I want to Just take a example by X as a boy and Y as a girl, to prove my point, I am not giving them any name, because if I give them name people will find religion, they will find motive in my blog, they will either treat me a supporter of X religion or Y religion. I don’t want that, I want people to understand one point, that we all are same then why rules are different.

Story: X is a boy and Y is a girl, they both study in the same college and in same class. After 2 years they fall in love, they love each other very much. They never talked about anything till the time they get passed out from college. But the problem start from here, boy is from Different religion and girl is from religion, they both decide to get married no matter what happen. But before that they want to talk to their family one time. So X and Y both tell their family about their love. So here what happens in both the family, first let’s look at boy’s family.

X family reaction: He is the only child in his family, so everyone in family loves him. When they came to know about his love, they disagree, they tell him to marry in someone from their religion, but the boy was stand on his point to marry Y, then family member ask from other people what to do. Here come the religious leader and other society member, they first also try to force matter with X, but they knew it will not be possible to him to make him agree on their point. So they discuss with family member that it is fine if he marry with girl, because after all girl will marry and come in their home. So she has to follow their home rule. X also told to get Y agree on this point.  But the main point here is the people are angry with him but they are not forcing the matter with him as they know he is boy.

Let’s see what the scene in the girl’s family is

Y family reaction: The movements Y tell in her family about her love for X, it creates a big scene; people start to blame her study for this situation. Some blame her mother and some his father for her this decision. They start tell them that give freedom to your daughter this is what she will do, bring bad name to family. The next suggestion will be to get her married in the religion asap before things go out of hand. The girl will be told by her family emotionally how she has to behave because there are younger sister to her, which will not get married if she does this. Religious leader and other will give him the religion and other thing count how it is wrong to get married to other religion boy, and they will not accept this. They will try to force no matter what happens because this will become matter of their pride. Poor girl what wrong she has done?

I don’t know what will happen after this, but in 95% case they not get married. Because there is too much complication involved in it, but the kind of reaction girl face and the boy face is quite different. We don’t have the courage to tell the people what is wrong and right. But people have always done that with girl, they try to tell them what is right and what is wrong for them and also for their family. Why it is always girl who has to follow everything, but the bigger point is, when we such deep rooted biased in our system them how we can expect to give the equal right to the girls so easily. People don’t realize that change doesn’t come by law or by force, but it comes when you start practicing the right thing in a right way.

P.S.: I have really big problem to the people who take side with the religion basis, Right does not become wrong by religion. So don’t try to find religion everywhere, try to find some love also.