Friday, October 11, 2013

The books I want to read in Holidays

For last 6 month there has been huge drought of books in my life, the only book which I have read is the blue ocean, recommended to me by my boss Mr. Sankalp, the movement you start reading that book it hook you up because you want to know how it is done, but it will only interest you if you love to read business book or motivational book. After that, though I bought some books, I could not finish them off. I have been slow reader of late because of my busy schedule. I tried kindle as well, but very soon I realized that I am not the guy who can read book on the kindle. I like to feel the book on the hand, and try to keep book with me for a long time.

Last few days I was searching for some good books to read, so here I come up with the list of few books which I want to read in next 30 days, those books I have chosen on the base of my interest at this time, it might change by the time I want to read that book, but still I want to read these book anyhow.

It started with a friend request: This book is third book of Sudeep, I read his first and second book both. Well first book was really a great read from him, but his second book was a letdown for me. This book I want to read to see has he made improvement or he is just going on the same route of writing, Story to me looks promising, but still you can’t say anything about it till the time you finish it. I don’t prefer to read the review of books before reading because it spoils your mood and let you know what to expect from book.

Because Shit happens : I have already purchased this book, but the problem is this book is now with my sister, so I have to wait till I reach home in Eid Ul adha to get book from her. This book made the list simply because it is based on the startup experience of writer. He has already written a good triology of his love story based on Kanav. This is something which you don’t find Indian author trying, because it is different genre to which he usually write. But I expect him to do justice with the book, because his witt can match the balance between serious topics without being boring.

My life My rule: I came to see book which I was watching some other book of publisher online, but this book attracted to me. Maybe initially title got me, but when I read about book it made on my list, simply because it is about the 20 people who had option of doing something else but they choose to do thing which they like. This is book which I think everyone should read while they are in college, in office or even staying at home, because this will inspire you. There is story of harsha Bhogle a IIM A alumnus and he choose something which he love, and 19 other people story like this. I am looking forward to order thins book and read it.

After finalizing these three books, there is still one slot available for book which I can read on next 30 day. I anyone has any good suggestion do suggest me. You can check on left hand side my good read widget the books which I have already read. I am always open for good books suggestion.