Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The death of old lady

Mr. Salman khan wrote in his twitter account after his family driver killed a lady in the road.

"Feel sad for the lady. It is really very sad that she was homeless n sleeping on the roads, may god rest her soul in peace. Bache honge, they must have thrown her out of the house, which is why she landed on the road. Unfortunately, an accident happened on the sets of Dabangg also."

Well most of people who love the actor will say look it was accident. I to agree with all of them but the difference is that one person was killed in that incident. No body from his family has come forward to say it is bad and take action against the driver. I know he must be loyal servant to be backed by Mr. Khan himself. But the irony is on that same day Mr. Amir Khan show was shown in the morning saying avoid alcoholic driving to avoid accident.

No I was thinking everybody is busy in focusing on the issue of what Mr. Khan has to day, what his family is doing. What about the lady who lost her life? In the end it will be her mistake to lose her life.
It was her mistake to living in the streets; it was her mistake to come in the front of car of Mr. Khan family driver, it might be her mistake to lose life because who care for her in the world. That is the irony of Indian system; the person is free after killing the lady but still no body care about her. In the end we will go and watch and support Mr. Khan for fight against all the odds for his heroin in her films but do he earn the respect. He has lost mine that is for sure.

I am no body to stand against him or write against him, but even if it was accident then also does that make this crime less to protect his driver. Killing someone is fine if it is road accident, that to if you have star support with you. This incident makes you realize two things:
  1. Daily there are so many Incident happened but no actions are taken any one of them.
  2. Killing in road accident is not crime; it is crime to come in front of car because it is your duty to save yourself.

We will talk about this for 2 days and then we all will forget about this. And there will be thousand of life will be lost in the road accident but nobody will care. When I see these people get freed by our system then I think how a common man could get justice in this country. This is a personal opinion, Please support to get justice to that old women who died not because of hunger, not because of any disease but because somebody can’t drive the car carefully.

P.S.: I like Salman Khan but now I don't respect him just because he is not "BEING HUMAN" any more...