Friday, July 13, 2012

Samarpit Sawantantrata by Rousa

A nice book which I read last days, was a collection of some speeches & answer by Osho it was based on the Ashtavakra Mahageeta .Osho beautifully covered ten topics in this book .Many stories increase interest of the reader. Basically Osho focused on ‘’Open mind free thinking & enjoy the things of world so that human can know good & bad and live as he /She want ’’ .Osho described freedom but with the dedication. Dedication & freedom are two different words, freedom means without bound & dedication means with in a bound.

Osho present these words with the beautiful frame, freedom for what?  for work, for duties, freedom to   do the duties or freedom for karma while Dedication for the god or for a power because if there is no dedication to the super  power then in bad situation human will be fall  & in god situations human will understand  himself as the god. Human to human dedication may be temporary it is very hard because of trust and because of human behavior. So Dedication makes a balance between duties & its result or situations.

In this book I find many beautiful concepts like inner vision in the collection of questions Osho focused on the inner voice, inner vision. He more focused to do what you want to do or works which gives you more enjoy.

His Speeches was wonderful & he covered ten topics in this collection like Voice of love, Clean the temple of heart, Perfect freedom, Know & wake, Aloneness etc.

 At last in the words of Osho I would like to share few lines of him ‘’Dedication is the main gate of freedom & it will free you from your ego’’

Thank you & hope u’ll  read it.