Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chitrakekha...A Eternal love story..

Last night I was read this book written by Bhagwati charan verma .I am sure it is one the best book.I had read this book  many times & every time I had got a new idea. It is a novel which indicates a story at the time of King Chandragupt Morya

It is the love story between a Samant Bijgupt & a Dancer Chitralekha. I like the character of Bijgupt due to his scarification for his servent.

Writer beautifully described the basic theme of his novel by the medium of two students ,to whom their teacher send one student for the service of a Samant & another  for the service of a yogi Kumargiri when the student want to know the definition of sin.

In this story writer present a lovely difference between stable feeling of love & temporary feeling and attraction of human.In the last of story Samant Bijgupt left his sheet of samant and make to his servent his legal son & also samant with all his assets and he left city as a beggar. Here Chitralekha request to go with him, who had temporary attracted with kumargiri without understanding the love of Samant Bijgupt. 

After the practical of life both students meat to their teacher & they describe sin as they saw & feel. Writer strongly presents his views “Accept me or not, it doesn’t matter. We are doing as per the situation so it may be good or bad. Human is not his master but he is the slave of situations.”
Hope you will read it. One more thing this book is also in the syllabus of Bachelors degree’s programme. 

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Thank You!