Thursday, July 19, 2012

RIP... Rajesh khanna..the original superstar

When I was a kid around 10 or 12 years old, I used to have a short temper. Whenever I became angry I used to through things around me. I used to spoilt kid who always seen only love in life. I used to live with my Nani who used to pamper me so much that I became insanely short temper without knowing it.

At that time one day I saw a movie called “ANAND”, this was the movie which somehow influenced how today I am. For the first time the character was not short temper or not have any drama in him. 
He was fun loving person who spread happiness and everyone loves him. I hate to admit it but most the people want to be loved but it is not easy to be loved by all.

From “ANAND” I learned that you have to keep smiling and spread the smile no matter how hard life is on you. It makes no sense to cry on the things you can’t change and rather than be happy in life for what you have or what you can change. It was KAKA famous dialog BABU MOSHAY with his ever famous smile that makes even the mightiest heart go gaga over him. His smile worked as charm for him.

When I was in college my hairstyle often used to be compared with him. I never did it knowingly but somehow ended up putting my hairstyle like it. You love him or hate him but you can’t ignore KAKA.

Babumoshay zindagi aur mauth upar vale ke haath hain jahapana use naatho aap badal sakthe na mein, hum sab tho rang manch ke katputhliyaan hain jinki dor upar vale ki ungli pe bandhi hain kab kaun kaisa uthega yeh koi nahin batha saktha hain !!

P.S.: I always wanted to know why in most of films he used to play the role to broken heart lover, May be because he used to love to play sad songs…

Some famous songs of KAKA…..


This songs is one of the best sad song. You can never get once the time is gone by or you have more forward. Its hard to believe those things..


One of the super romantic track of his time. Watch one more for KAKA only.

This is my personal favrt. of KAKA songs.. Maine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapne chune...:)