Saturday, November 3, 2012

To Forhat … With love

Few days back one of my Junior Mr. Forhat who was leaving India, included me in his thanks note. It was special for me because of the fact that he still remembers me even though I have left college way back. I came to know him when he was enrolled in the college; you can easily figure him out in the junior batch as he was from Iran. His looks were different and those days he used to talk less to anyone in the college.

I think our first interaction was during the fresher time. You and Ghassan was there asking me about something about college and MBA life. You both where little skeptical about how you both will be able to pull it off. Ghassan left the course and returned back but you stayed and completed the MBA. What made you different from other was the hunger to learn, I have met lots of people who ask me about how to do thing and what to do but nobody really mean that. I remember the first time you asked my help was for Accounts and even came to my Room for studying the accounts. You came and tried to learn that was the main part, hunger to learn and I think if you keep your hunger for learn alive you will go a long way in life.

I hope you reach new height of success of life and even come back to meet us. Some time you often wonder how life would have panned out if things where have been different, I hope you and Ghassan are still in touch. Just say my Hi to him also, and keep in touch.

Forath... Well I picked this one from ur facebook :)

P.S.: Some time you need to say a simple word to people “Thank you” for the contribution of their in your life. We often forget the simplest part of life and we try to do the harder one.