Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Off the tracks

I am almost done with my packing, my bags are packed and all the essentials are put in the needful place before I start my journey. It will be a short trip to my home for the Bakreed (Eid-ul-Adha), Well still I have to do the shopping for Bakreed and also the work that is pending at home.

Well the first part that starts my planning for Journey is the reservation of Railway ticket. My home town is Allahabad, so it is always one of the busiest routes of Indian railway. I am not sure how many people daily travel from New Delhi to Allahabad and vice versa, but one thing is for sure you will not get reservation in Train easily these days. Well half of the train will give you a long waiting list and you are not sure that you will get ticket in tatkal or not given the state of corruption of Indian railway. Well before I plan any trip to home I prefer to book a return ticket rather than wait for last min. rush. Well those things I used to do when I was in college travelling in sleeper in Waiting list but now I am no mood to do those antics anymore. TICKET IS MUST.

Even if the very essential ticket is booked then also can’t be sure about the train. Indian train never be on time, as I know again this time. My train, Anand Vihar and Gaya which was due on 11 PM was late for about 2 Hr and came at about 1 AM. The people waiting for the train first accused Mamta Banarjee that she makes sure all the Bihar train run slow and Kolkata train run faster, One more gentleman came with one more theory that due to winter the trains are late, well it is start of winter and there are no fog in the sight still people believe these theory. Well waiting in station is always fun because you always tend to meet new people, learn some new theory about country and more political drama in the view.

Even in this process, one person who remains always in cool, person who sits in the Information counter. Even thought he knows nothing about the train timing exactly, he will always tell you with surety that when train will come and when it will leave. That is called confidence of the person in the railway. He will tell you train will arrive in 10 Min. and believe me train will arrive after 30 min.

I was happy atleast there is no sight of the fog, otherwise it could have been lot more delay in the departure time of our train.

P.S.: Always keep you phone full charge and keep a book for reading with you in journey, Because you never know when you will need it.