Friday, November 30, 2012

Why aadhaar based cash transfer is not a good idea for Poor

Last year when I was in my home town, I had met few people whom I know personally and they all work under the NAREGA. They make their livelihood not through that but yes it is a welcome thing for them to get an extra work and some extra income as well.

Most of them before this NAREGA thing didn’t have the bank account. As bank is around 8 to 10 KM away from our village. So every NAREGA benefiters has to go bank to open his or her account. They went with the pradhan and opened there respective account. Most of them are not able to read or write so they use their thumb as sign, but them our Mr. Pradhan ji decided that every passbook should be kept with him as he will guard it otherwise if they lose it they will not a get a penny. All of the believed that pradhan ji is saying right and deposited there bank passbook to him.

They kept working for whole of the NAREGA project. One fine day Pradhan ji said tomorrow be ready we will go to the bank and take your money from there. All of them became happy, finally after so much talk they are getting the benefit of government policy, their own hard earn money. Next day everyone went with pradhan ji to the bank. Everyone collected their money from bank, after that there was the surprise. Pradhan ji took the money from and there passbook, in return he given each of them the 50% of the total amount which was withdrawn from each person account. No one protested, they all gave up easily. You may ask question why? Because he is in the dominating position in the village, he is pradhan, he has power, man and other sources. Who will go against him in the village?
No one, it will be like the same in the village. They will take the benefit of villagers in lure of more money. And our corrupt system will always support them because they have the means and power to proof everything they want.

Well I am not sure why government wants to process ahead with the ADHAR related cash transfer to account, because it will never end the corruption. Which start from the top and end in the bottom? Yes certainly it will increase more fight and also more control over the villagers activity. \


I know it is good way to stop the leakage at the middle end but who will make sure that in the people who is the real beneficiary is getting the entire amount and nobody is harassing him. Well government has more intelligent people than to consider that thing, but sometime they forget the practicality of the subject. Creating some law is good, but implementing it and also to make sure it is implemented in right way is different thing. I hope this scheme be a game changer the way people receive the benefit from government. But with short notice that it might also increase more fight and corruption in the lower lever rather than in middle level.