Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The November case of Chelsea fc

Chelsea lost in BPL for first time this season to Manchester United in the most controversial manner. The Torres red card, the Chirchitto off side goal and rest of above a referee who tried to prove that he is more important than the game, I know people will say after all they are too human. 

Source: Google images

Well first Torres red card, It was not the yellow card in the first case. According a former BPL referee if there is any minimal contact, please read carefully, minimal contact and player goes down you can’t show him yellow card. Well the referee did show him yellow card, you can imagine he want to show that he is the boss of the match. I know lots of referee does that in the starting of the match but no like this. Again lots of conspiracy theory will come up again Chelsea fc. They are victim of their own success, nobody believed they could win champions league and yet they did. I hope they do with BPL this season but now the pressure will be on them to win the matches.

Well last two seasons Chelsea fc lost the title in the November, yes that’s true. The barren run they had in this month last year cost them and AVB also. They have lost most point in this month than any other month of BPL action, this year also the purpose should be the same. The ship should be stabilized; they need to grind out the result. I think the way they responded to Man utd. Two goal lead fantastic but now they have to shut and shop at teams. November is very important because they will face Man. City who is also a title contender, if they can get pass them and remain in top two then they have a good chance of winning the league.

Give this team chance and RDM also, they are playing some of the best football in the BPL that you could see. They are superb as team and yet they need the lady luck with them to be start successful as Barcelona did. They won luckily at Chelsea fc in semi in UCL to have a great season, now Chelsea need to do the same.  I hope they win the Capital one cup so the new team can start believing that they can win the major tournament.

For next match in capital one cup, I would love to see marin in starting lineup in place of hazard and Moses in place of Oscar. So it would give Man utd. Something to think about, who ever win the match but most importantly the referee will have to bring his A game for this match. I know it is early but ask Man. Utd. Fan every point cost in marathon like league.

P.S.: I like the way Chelsea fc play, but the danger is we often fall behind early and had to do the catch up the entire match. Need to get our noses out first in match.