Friday, October 5, 2012

My favorite Books.. day 4..

Gunhao ke Dewta:  This is one the book which I read whenever I feel low in my life. It is one of the classic books which everyone should read. The difficult part is that it is Hindi book which is difficult to tell people today to read them. They will say it is good, they have heard about it but in the end they will choose some good English book over the classic Hindi book.  The Characterization of each one was inch perfect and the end of book. A book from Allahabad and classic love story, if you love someone just read this book one time.

The kite runner: I picked this book while travelling in the bus from the station. After that I am not about forget about this book even a single day. The Hassan and baba jani, they all are like what we are today. Running away from our sins and trying to find the easy way out. I was not fan of simple narrative till the day I read this book.

The winner stand alone: This is Paulo book which I love the most. Each character has its own past to live with, they are struggling yet they want to win. The mad husband who wants his wife back, the wife who wants to run away with his love and backdrop of it is Cannes film festival. I read it only little time but it was a book which made me read more about dark story.

The discovery of India: This is the book which every Indian should read about. I am not sure why this book is not in the course book like others are. This book is what we need, a interactive way to teach history. Asking question rather than believing what we have been hearing from ages. Nehru style is as simple as it can be but it is much more interactive than the History book. I am big fan of his writing style as it ask some thoughtful question like this one, “When Buddha religion was born in India why it didn’t go to as much high as other, and it faded away without war”..
A must read in my opinion for every Indian.

I too had a love story: I know lots of people will be surprise that I am writing any big name but this book I loved most. A love story from heart rather than from pen, It all seems so real around next door character. Kushi, ravin and the rest of character are just as real as they are in life. Some time you love the books which has sad end and this is one of them.

Few more books which I like are Godan, Umrao jaan (In urdu), November rain, Jungle book, The Maalgudi days and list will be endless….

P.S.: Do read the first and last book mention because both are one of the best book of its kind.