Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A perfect match Bollwood and ecommerce

Recently I was at home with my sister and was helping her out with her shopping schedule. Whichever market we used to go I used to find some very funny name spelt by the shopkeepers. For example the style of suite prachi desai used in Bol bachaan is named after the movie as Bol bachaan suite. This does not end here I found our kareena suite, Katrina suite and even Sonakshi sinha suite.

These all are second tier market, far away from the Mall culture, People use their purchasing power generally in the special occasion like Eid, Diwali and Holi. These are big festival in the India Culture. They idolize bollywood and want to live the life of their stars. You go to these second tier market you will find more product on the name of stars rather than name of Brand of cloth. It is an unorganized sector which has still got much stronger grip on market then organized market. Take example of Salmaan Khan Hair style in tere naam which was so popular at that time, every other young boy wanted to get hair style like Salmaan Khan. That is what is mass appeal is called.

I see a huge potential in the ecommerce sector if they use the bollywood in the right way especiall in the clothing in the fashion segment. If they can get together with bollywood and launch some of the excusive series but make sure it can be economical. They can unlock the huge market which can be easily captured.

I am not sure how it will be done, but there is surely a scope. If name of films can be used to see suit in small towns then see how impact can be made if they know how to get the clothing of say Salman brand cloth. One field which has used this marriage in perfect way is IPL; they have used bollywood in the perfect way. They have captured the required eye ball with bollywood.

E commerce is an emerging sector which might be most benefitted with Bollywood presence in the board. They will create an assurance in the people which is hard to install and a new market to open up which is hard to capture. I hope some E commerce venture is listening to me.

Source: Forbes India

MY BIG TICKET IDEA WILL BE that some E commerce start clothing line in the reference of Cinema. Say for example you can buy clothing of Jab tak hai Jaan film or special made cloths for that series. It would be huge step to grow in the tier II and tier III city because it is more look conscious rather than brand conscious. 

P.S.: I hope somebody stole my Idea as I am doing nothing about it. :D