Saturday, October 20, 2012

The city lost in transition

Allahabad city has history which can be matched by very few cities in the India. The number of great writer and philosopher and even greater politician city has produced has been remarkable. There has been golden period of the city when it was political centre of the state and national level and also the literature world as well. People used to come to Allahabad to complete their education of life. But in last three decades city has fallen behind the race, the city which gave most PM to the country is not even visited once by anyone today. Question has to be asked why?

The golden period of Allahabad city was mainly due to the Allahabad University. The City was education hub for India at the pre Independence time. All the famous people at that time came to Allahabad to complete their education and fallen in love with the city. But that is not the case today; the city has lost its place in the education land map of India. Yet it is still popular in the north India and UP, Bihar but not all over India. No one cares about that today also, it was granted central university status at my time in Allahabad University but still it is way behind in term of education facility and also the technique of education.

If you look at the hero of Allahabad at that time, either it is hariwansh rai bachaan, sumitra nandan panth, Pandit Jawar lal Nehru and various other famous people. They used to meet the ordinary people in the city; they used to live in the city as well. But with the next generation things are gone, I am not saying there should have lived in the city. But my point is city has not replaced their hero with new one. They still speak about them and their family, but how many people have been now inspired by them. Very few of us have been at my time. One time the Allahabad University student wing was one of the stepping stone in the political career of aspiring career of youth politics now it is again a hub of power and gang politics.

People still come in the city to study for the exam of IAS and PCS and other competitive exam, but city has lost it charm that once it used to have. People come and leave but nobody is able to leave the mark in culture, politics of city as that golden generation did. When I get in touch with people of today generation who are from Allahabad, they don’t want to return the city.

There is old saying about Allahabad city, “In Allahabad if you build anything, it will remain like that for years to come, because they don’t appreciate changes”. I am not sure about today time, since I am seeing lots of good and bad changes in the city. 

P.S.: This is my first post about the city Called Allahabad; I just want to share what I feel about city today. A city gave so much to the country and end up lost in the modern Map.