Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Confused love and Lovers...

Why do most love stories end with great difficulty? Why do we always claim that he or she cheated in love and caused indelible pain? Is love the name of deep understanding and mutual relationship between two souls or is it just intense desire for physical intimacy? Why does the first love invariably mean sacrifice which is against social and Nature's laws? Why don't people get selfless love in return to their selfless love for me? Why don't people again embark on the journey of love after getting cheated once?

Well most of us will not be able to answer these questions in our life time. But fact is today love has died to its premature death. It is not love any more it is more than love more often or not. Love can wait but sometime other things can’t wait….RIGHT….

The other face is what I have seen is common in today world is that we kill our love story rather than others and we give it name of “breakup”. Some time it is mutual, as we are too mature to decide about our life and we know all about life. Some time it is done by one single person as he or she is not any more comfortable with the relationship or with the second person. The time has changes, person has changed and ever they don’t love each other anymore. So that part end in breakup. In the end you realize all the love is based on one simple pillar that is yourself comfortableness. You don’t love that person; you just make yourself believe that you love her. But do all the love story is like same? Are all love stories are fake?

Answer is NO but the major portion will say yes. But one thing is for sure most of us will never know what love is? Our definition might be seeing each other, understanding each other, talking to each other. Well you ask yourself does love is only this. It is more that this simple and stupid things. It is when you know you care for someone more than for yourself, you are willing to change yourself without even saying to her, you know you may not get her but you don’t want to lose the single movement with her. The love is strange feeling, you can’t get her but still you can’t stop yourself from loving her.

One thing I might put focus on is you don’t have to break everything to fix something. You might up regretting it. You only find one upon a time a person who can understand you with even your single word.

One of my friends who are always falls in love with someone or other one to me some time just said to me one thing. No relationship is perfect these days as we overlook the fact that what we have, always put more focus what we don’t have. Relationship is like that if you want to focus on good thing you will get the right thing but if you focus on bad thing then your ship is definitely on rocks.

P.S.: I don’t know about love very much, but I think what sadden me is people in search of perfect love sometime leave those people behind who love them most. Some time you have to create your own perfect story rather than searching for perfect story.