Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Favorite TV shows.. Day 3

As I was growing up as a kid, I used to watch lots of TV shows at that time. But my option was limited at that time. I used to watch DD1 and DD Metro which was later converted into DD news. I didn’t have cable TV option in my childhood and I must say, I am glad for that. I played lot more outdoor, enjoyed with friends rather than watching cartoon as today kids do. So let’s start with my best TV shows:

JUNOON: I can never forget this TV serial. I don’t know how many of you would remember this but I loved the title track and also the story of this serial. Some time in life there is passion of something which you want to achieve, some brilliant actors. Dialogs were more famous that story and I loved it till today. “Koi Muflisi ka mara hua, Kisi ko adavat ka hai junnon”….

Neem Ka Paid: This was based on the book of Rahi masoom raza, as I belong from the family of this culture of Zamindar. I used to love this TV shows, again the title track in the voice of Jagjeet singh, “muuh ki baat sune har koi, dil ka dard na jaane koi”. The Character of Budiaya, Nawab sahib and the changes depicted by Neem ka paid. This was the truly a classic story of India at that time after British period. 

Shaktimaan: How could I miss this one in my list, it could have been the first one but I am going the order. This was the first superhero of our generation which was India. There was Nagraj, Doga in the comics but Shaktimaan was the first one on the television. I still remember due to its telecast timing on Saturday the attendance used to be low. I too skipped much time school on Saturday to watch shaktimaan. My faviorate dialog was from “Chooti-2 par moti baatie” was, “SORRY SHAKTIMAAN”…

Rangoli/Chitrahaar: This was the original source in my childhood where I used to watch songs. The Sunday morning with Rangoli and Wednesday evening with Chitrahaar was the best time I used to have. Today I have option of 30+ music channels but still I miss the craze of Sunday morning Rangoli when I was kid.

This one I missed on is Ye jo hai Zindagi. I watched it later on DD Metro but still I loved it. 

After that the cable TV came up in our home. Initially I loved all the new things but there was no show which excited me at that time. There where shows like Kareena-2 I liked due to its comedy nature, then in English there was friends, there was Srubhi on DD. I am missing so many of all the favorite shows that I need to write few more post. But above listed one is the best one I had in my childhood. I am not sure how many would remember any one them apart from Shaktimaan but still those one where the best. 

P.S.: I missed the WWE or say WWF fights in it. My favorite one was Edge, “You think you know me…”