Sunday, September 30, 2012

My blog name and why I started blogging ( Day 2 )

First let me answer why I started blogging.

As a kid I have always have been fascinated towards reading and writing except course books, either it be in urdu or hindi or in English. It attracted me towards itself to write. I was never a great expresser through word, so I have to real learner to it to express in writing.

Few years back when I was in college, I and my friend Raj thought of this idea of starting this blog and writing because we both love writing. For me it was simple, I love the writing part and I wanted some where to express myself. Where people don’t judge on how well or bad you have written. That’s how I started blogging. I still remember my first blog was about the “TV going regional way”. Slowly and gradually I picked up the blogging art and also the stamina to write so much on blog. From college life to professional life all the things have changed but my blogging part is still with me.

There is very interesting story behind my blogging part. After few months I almost quit the blogging, I didn’t write for whole one year. One day one of my close friends Deepak came to me in the college and said, “Why you stopped writing”. I don’t know how to respond to him. He went ahead and said, ok can you write about you college exp. That was the most important talk I had with him, after that I started to take blog thing on my own and to not be dependent on anyone.

For almost one year I have been writing regularly on the blog. Other people also write on this blog but now I am dependent on them, I love their support. Without their help and support I would not have been here.

Name part:

There is whole lot of story involved about the name of blog. Lately lots of people have asked me about the name of the blog. Why your blog name is What it stand for?

Well IEC stand for my college name and MBA is the course which we studied there. So we picked up this name randomly, as a famous sayar said “Naam me kya rakha hai”. Till college time the name remain the same but then for some time we thought about it. We changed the name of it to love and life. I, Deepak and Jayant started to share our thought about the experience in life, college and other things on blog.

This blog name is defining period of my life. Somehow this blog realize me, if you want to do something in life you will do it, or else you will end up making excuses about it.