Saturday, September 1, 2012

Few things to create “Memories”

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” – says Paulo Coelho

I am not a very good shopper to start with sopping part. Whenever I enter into any shop, I end up getting more confused what to buy and what not to. Online shopping provide me end to all of these troubles. I browse, scroll, select and then decide what to buy. Since last three years I have purchased from books to phone, shaving cream to laptop accessories. It is like one stop solution to me.

Last year in September, I wanted to buy something for my mom as 5th of September is her birthday. This was the first time I was gifting her something on her birthday from my salary. It was from my first salary from which I was supposed to buy some gift for my Mom.

I searched lots of product online, but I liked none of them. One day while searching a deal online for some restaurant on the snap deal, I saw one watch on the site which I liked. I decided to gift my mom that watch and best part it was on 30% off. J

It was a sonata golden color watch; I knew my mom would like anything which is remotely located to GOLD. I ordered the watch and also included the gift wrap; I included a nicely written message in it. I done the pay through debit card and gone to bed. Next two days where very normal and I was following the product detail on my mail.

On the 5th September, I wished my mom in the morning. I called the service centre of snap deal and checked about my product and told them can they ship it today as it is my mother birthday gift. They told me about trying it. It is hard to believe that thing will be done if they say trying it part. I became busy in the office work and talked to my mom about his birthday plan.

In the evening around 5 my mom called me, “saifi, you have send me gift”. I thought about how she could know about it. “Yes mom, I ordered a special gift for you”, I replied.
There was silence in both sides, with her broken voice she said, “It is a beautiful watch you have gifted me mom and more so the card which you send was more beautiful”. With his voice I can gather she was crying. In India we say “Kushi ke aassoo”, for a son it is one of the best movement when her mom feels proud of her.

Snap deal made my mom birthday special by delivering her gift on that date and also accepting my request for that. Some time this kind of special customer service make a lifelong relation. I may forget that birthday but my mom never does that and even she started to order the products online from snap deal.

P.S. : “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” – says Paulo Coelho

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