Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Teachers day

Who plays most important part in your life to make you successful? Family, friends, luck or someone special, There are the most common answer you will find from anybody in his success story. But we all miss the most important person in this process i.e. “Teachers”. From school to college, from class to sports field they teach you so many things but they are last person whom we give the credit to our success.

I am also part of one of them who till now has given little credit to his teachers. But today when I look back to my life, I find my first teacher in school Mrs. Bhalerao Ma’am was the most important teacher in my life. She was one of the best teachers who made me a good person, ignored my all the mistakes and most best part he used to say to my sister was, “Please isko Nani ke pass se bula lo, Unki laad pyar me bigad jayege”. At that time I was a young kid who could not understand those things but now I often think about it and have a laugh at it. J

May be after we end our college life we don’t realize the importance of teachers but without them we could not have reached at the high of our life. They inspire, help and also motivate us to all the good things in life but yet they remain patient to hear our thought which is not so good some time. I don’t know about others but for me they are the most important person in life apart from parent and friends who shape your life. 

I don’t remember the name of teachers who taught me, but I do remember what they taught me. From science to English and from hindi to SST. I remember all of them.

P.S. : With teachers day today it is also my mother birthday, so it is double special day for me. J