Friday, September 28, 2012

10 interesting facts about I, Me and Myself...

Apart from my Interview of job or college admission, I have never given the introduction to anyone. In those two places it is easy to give you introduction because you know what they want to know about you and how much. But when I talk about saying something about myself in the blog or say about to someone whom I have met first time, it is different. I don’t know what they want to know, what in me will interest them and what will not. So it works both way good and bad also.

If I have say something about myself in short, I will say “A simple guy, whom you would not notice on the road but after knowing him, you will never forget him. That is me”

Writing down 10 Interesting face about me is again a painful difficult work do. I don’t what will be interesting thing that I should write. For this part I really need the freedom of expression at my best level.

  1. I love football. There are people out there who are movie buff, cricket buff but I can proudly say I am football buff and more so Chelsea fc buff. I don’t know why I fell in love with them but now I follow there every day and every min. movement. Maybe because of blue color I love them.
  2. There was time when I used to have single phone, but now I have 3 or 4 phone with me. But still I use Nokia basic phone to talk. My love from Nokia never dies because of their battery backup.
  3. In a day of 24 Hours, for last one year I am spending almost 14 hours in from of my laptop in 6 days.
  4. I am forced worker. Don’t get me wrong by this sentence that I don’t want to work; I want to work but not on Saturday. On that day I am totally forced to work.  
  5. I am still fond of my college and hostel life. I miss it every day, the hostel time, college life, juniors, seniors and the people who changed my life.
  6. My Room, wardrobe and things are always in a mess. I shout at people when they clean up the place and put my all the things in the order and I don’t find it. Why they have to do it any way when I can find all my things in this mess also.
  7. I love reading books. Either it be in Hindi, Urdu or English except some sort of shiv kheda books or books on course material.
  8. I love listen to Ghazal. Anytime someone start talking about Ghazal, I always want to be part of discussion.
  9. Some time while discussing I become too much aggressive. Like I remember when Semester exam used to end and we used to discuss the paper. If any of my friend used to say I did that, my answer used to be, “Tum Chutiyee ho” (You are Idiot).
  10. I still love to watch tom and jerry and recently I picked up the cartoon called JONNY D. Cartoons I love to watch.

I am too sure these 10 points are only a teaser to what to come in next one month. 

My recent picture is also attached in this blog so that all of you can see me. 

P.S.: I hate to write about myself.