Thursday, September 6, 2012

Only jUsT fRiEnDs......

Biggest problem in love,Gud guys gets wrong girl..N Gud girls gets wrong guy.They fall in love and good ones get cheated .Now the good guys think all the girls are fraud;And the good girls think all the guys are flirt.And when good guy meets good girl they avoid falling in love and becomes just...

So you stop falling in love because you have made a single wrong decision in life. And they never want to go ahead one step further as they are afraid of being again cheated and manipulated in life. But you are easy in being good friends; they are no emotional drama, no search of where about, no need to reach on time to meet in short “no tension in life”. Even if they have a feeling for each other they will not express it because of thought that it even this might end. 

Someone said, 
“Naya pane ki chahat me purana chuttt jata hai,
Jo tujhse milne aata ho to zaman rooth jata hai”…

Being friends is easiest and the hardest thing in life. You never knew about how other or you feel about the other till that thing is gone from you.