Monday, September 10, 2012

Verghese Kurien: Milkman of india

A man with B.E in Machanices, Graduate from Tata steal also graduate in Physics along with the PG in Mata logical engineering from Misigion University in 1946 when a big part of Indian generation was uneducated. Verghese Kurien left his government job for a group of farmers in Gujarat and worked whole life for them without any fee.

It may be unbelievable for new generations but it is true if he want he might join any company and any country but the best thing was he had joined a very simple group of India that was farmer.
He was the first person who made powder by buffalo’s milk and made a milk processing plant by the hard work of eleven months. He was the first man of Independent India who gave the first Brand product to country “Amul.”

Before Freedom peoples also have animals but it was not so wide after the efforts and innovation or the white revolution by Verghese, government’s schemes, Awareness between farmers, increased the animals and milk production in country. Today we have 1st position to produce milk and its product in India; we produce 17 % milk of world in India.

If there is farming then there is animals and milk. Example for Delhi, NCR (UP, Haryana) is producing milk every day for Delhi, Their life start from 4’o clock in morning.

Verghese give respect and pride to Indian farmers. Before few days it was nice to see Sachin Pilot - Minister in centre government as a Leftinent in Indian Army. Many times peoples discussed “how many soldiers are fight or stand on boarders who are the son of leaders ? ” I think Sachin is the answer of this question. His father Late Ex home minister Shri Rajesh Pilot was starting his life as a milk man.

Today few strong challenges are coming for farmers which are direct or indirect related to milk production and farmers, As the high prices of animals food products, Regular acquisitions of agriculture land, Left farming and animals by next generation of farmers, Cold paper based government policy, Bans on animals in metro cities also increased the price of milk and its products.

At last a pray to the father of white revolution god give u peace, Verghese is always live among us in our heart and in the golden page of Indian History.

Thank You

Deepak Rousa