Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reservations in CORPORATES..

From past some time, I heard about from my buddies regarding a trend followed by most of Big and Small Companies now days. This trend is basically what we called:


Reference,,, this term seems very little,, but plays a very big role in Corporate and Candidates life. This trend comes in the market in recent times,, but its effect is very big. Earlier, this trend was followed by big giants only of different fields like Infosys, TCS, Wipro etc. but now almost all big and small companies are now following their footsteps. Even, Startup Companies also prefers to hire candidates on the basis of reference.

Let me explain, “What is Reference in my Knowledge?”
According to me, “Reference is basically a Jack or Guarantee, which an existing candidate in an organization give it for the other person during (whom he/she refer) the Selection procedure within that company about his background, nature and skills etc. “
( May be I’m wrong to explain it correctly,, but never mind about that.. At least, it’s my own definition, not the Google one… J ).

Earlier, reference was started for the companies to make them ensure about a candidate for second opinion from the existing one. This reference plays a role of trust factor for companies to new joiners.
But, now a days this trust factor becomes a Curse factor to most of the intelligent people, i.e. big companies either hire the candidates from Campus directly or they will hire the candidates internally by the help of reference of existing employees. So, the major issue behind this is, sometimes few intelligent candidates who are not selected during interviews or they have less percentage in earlier exams couldn’t get the jobs in these companies because most of them don’t have this so call REFERENCE on those companies.

So, the consequences of that are:
(A)   They got frustrated and some of them surrender themselves for a low salary or for over qualified job.
(B)   As, most of the companies don’t hire fresher’s in off campus, so this will also increase the problems of candidates.
(C)   The result for this is Intelligent are struggling and Losers are enjoying. This means sometimes less qualified people will get a good job due to reference and more qualified can struggle due to this trend.

I heard a very funny thing from my friend about the reference. He said, “I don’t have tension to pass my course. The only thing I am searching for connections in different Companies because companies hire on reference basis not on performance basis in the present scenario.”

At the end, I would like to brief that, Reference is a good thing if it can be use in a significant and careful manner. Misuse of it, will cause such types of problems as mentioned above.
Corporate should also understand their responsibilities towards society and give fair chance to every candidate. This will create a proper balance in the society and worth use of education also.

P.S.: A article by Mr. Jayant singh