Thursday, August 23, 2012


From past some time, I have tried to write something but nothing interesting I have seen to write. Then, I have observed one thing which I want to discuss.


I hate this word and don’t want to be in my life but knowingly-unknowingly it comes in my life and even other’s life as well. It is like a synonym of “Comparison “to whom I against every time.
Almost, all of us can go through with this situation at least once in our life. This word affects little and big things of our day to day life. For ex – ‘Boys v/s Girls’, ‘Love v/s Friendship’, ‘Pass v/s Fail’, ‘India v/s Pakistan’, ‘Rich v/s Poor’, ‘Maruti v/s Toyota’ etc….

We use to compare all things in our surroundings with each other and get tense ourselves. Although, I accepted this fact, that with the help of comparison, sometimes it creates positive impact on a person’s life as he/she becomes motivate to perform at its best. But most of the times, it shatters a person’s confidence and think him/her a useless fellow.

Now, some people can say that those people are Losers, who don’t have the capability to sustain in such pressure. For this, I want to share a saying which I saw somewhere. That saying was:

“If you expect from a Fish, that she can climb a tree,
Then for her whole life, she thinks herself as Stupid…”

With the help of this, I want to say that no one is perfect in every task. If one is stupid in studies, then may be he/she will be genius in Sports, Music or have any other talent. Also, youth compare themselves from their friends or some other higher person with them, like he/she has expensive clothes, shoes and bags or his salary package is higher than me, he scores more than me in exams etc. but never sees the effort of that person to reach at that level.

So, at last if we can remove this word VERSUS from our life, then more than half of our problems will remove because it looks very small but its effect can be very big.

Either we should work hard to fulfill our ambitions, otherwise stop comparing ourselves from others.

By: Jayant Singh