Saturday, August 11, 2012

Searching my philosophy of life

Recently one of my friend asked me, What is your philosophy of life? I could not answer him at that time.  I thought hard but there was no definite philosophy of life at this time. It is like living a life without knowing what I am going to do it.

Few years back when I was in college there was definiteness about my thought, philosophy of life. How to live life, stay and what I want from life. But in recent years there have been lots of incident in my life which have affected me and my thought process. Either it has been friend’s relationship, breakups and or some melody drama of friends. All of these have left some impact on my thought process which is now at a crossroad. I have lost that clearness of outline which it once processed in mind.

My early approach in life has been always been simple. I just solve the problem as it comes in life, never thought about the life that will come up later. It was like live in this movement. But in last few years my thought has been influenced by the people who live me with me, friends, and family, at some extent religion also. Now my thinking is not as simple as it used to be after I joined the job. The innocence in my thought process is lost I think.

Now coming back to my philosophy point, it is doesn’t get in any person in just one day or say month. It is always influenced by your early life. Every person life goes through some philosophical changes over the year starting from his childhood. In childhood our philosophy is influenced by our family and religion. At that time these two are most important thing which influences your thinking about all the right and wrong in life.

In you teenage or say college life you the most important life you live mostly with friends. Here you are mostly influenced by the group or the friends you have in life. They somehow make you think about the way to live the life. Either it is about bunking the class or studying overnight in the home. Apart from that Movies also affect your thought process over the period of time.

Then you reach to you career life. Where your thinking process gets a 360 degree spin, what you have believed till life and what the life is practice at that time. All you love, life and dreams is about take a toll on your thought process. You will do what you belief but it will not take you anywhere in life.  It is a mid life thought process crisis where you are not sure about what you are doing is right or not. You start to listen to every other person and think he knows more than you about life because he lives better life than you.

I am not sure about my future and how my philosophy will shape up but one thing is sure, each day of life is leaving a mark on this deep thinking process. Either it is good or bad but they all influence by them. Some time even a bad though fascinates me about why there is so much fuss about it, when everything is so simple in life.

May be future will have some more positive impact on me about love and life. I am just searching all these facts which are hidden somewhere in life. I don’t realize but my philosophy of life is changing by each day.