Sunday, August 5, 2012

Why can’t there be a simple relationship called “FRIENDSHIP”

I am sick and tired of hearing a filmy dialog, “A boy and a girls can never be only FRIENDS”. Why, because they are never given chance to be friendship or it is some other thing. As a girl I can tell you few things which are becoming Intolerable for us.

When you meet any boy or man, he will start with a simple and plain nature that we only want to be good friends but few months later you will find out that now he is in love with you. Now things will not end here they will go on to explain things you about hours how they feel, how much they want you even if you are “NOT INTRESTED”. Just like girls don’t have a choice, well Mr. dude get something on your brain which is filled with only cricket and girls that we do have our brain and heart and we will make the choice as we want not as you want.

Even if they will agree to be your friend again, then they will give you the most problematic period. They will start asking you question like, where are you?, with whom you are?, why can’t you talk?, why can’t you message? I don’t like your friends don’t talk to them and list will go on. Please give me a break, it’s my life and I know how to live it. I don’t need security guard what I need is friend who can understand rather that just keep telling me what to do and what not to do.

It is strange in this male dominated society that if a girl talks to 4 boys she might be termed as bad. But if a boy talks to 4 girls either he is caring or he is dude. Just sick with mentality, even in the college most of them will look for getting mingle rather than being good friend.

Being a friend is always the last option in the boys list, they don’t like it. “JUST FRIEND” tag they hate to wear, but sometime you need to know that not every relationship where there is love and care is of love. Some time it is of friends, family and others. The best relationship you can have is friend but if he deserve to be. I sincerely hope this friendship day there realize it and try to be “FRIENDS”.

P.S.: I am not against thought of being falling in love, but against being falling for every girl which you see. This part is based on one of my close friend life who is sick of ROAD SIDE ROMEO…