Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rukhsat.... The farewell party of 2008-2010 IEC MBA Batch

In the summers of 2010 when I was in first year we gave our senior a memorable farewell in the college. I saw this video in the YouTube posted by our senior with lots of memories. It is different to see how we where few year back. :)

Few things that I will always remember about that day.....

1. The memorable party, I was almost absent in all the preparation of the party and came back on the last day. but one thing I am proud of is the name Rukhsat was suggested by US. Till the time IEC MBA farewell is there, It will be the name of the farewell party. :)
2. My Interaction with senior was quite less, I knew most of them but not actively talked to them. Again I want to praise my self that due to my semester result everyone knew me. On farewell day they even gifted us a nice key chain. I do have that key chain with me till date. ( Thanks for that sweet gift).
3. The dance of Riyanka Ma'am, Well that all I can say. We were fortunate to have witness her beautiful dance on that day. She was my Exam mate type, Her roll no and mine roll no was used to come on same bench. So I used to sit with her in internal exams.
4. Devopmam Ma'am topper of our senior, Ronny sir, Harendra sir ( With his rocking dance on TWIST song). There are so many thing I am missing right now.
5. Paper dance was one the biggest controversy in our farewell party. The dance was not concluded in the end, it has to be stopped by our HOD. but still we all enjoyed that dance as well.

P.S.: I am just randomly picking up the part of our rukhsat so I missed so many people out there. Please don't be feel bad because I missed it.