Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Planning for Eid

Before I say anything, first wish me happy Eid as I am going on short break so will not be accessible for some day. You need to wish if you want to have any chance of getting SEWAI from my side. J

Well finally I am beaming with happiness; I have reached the day when I will leave for my home to celebrate Eid with them. Eid happiness can’t be matched by any other thing in my life. Before I sigh off I have so many work left with me to do and yet so little time is there with me. This time I have made a small list which I am going to follow up while I am in the home so that it can be organized trip. Well there are so many things but only few will be getting listed here.
  1.  Shopping: Usually this is the last in my priority list but this time it is on my priority list number one. I have not done shopping for Eid and more so not for this month. Well I am so lazy in shopping that I let the all discount go by and now I am feeling the heat of not buying something.
  2.  Ramazan Iftar party: This is one thing which I miss in the Delhi in Ramazan. When I am at home we used to have Iftar party where all of use to enjoy the Iftar. Iftar is time when we all end our fast for day. I miss the Jalebi, the sweet dishes and also the chaat. Well I can’t wait to get my hand on all of these things.
  3.  Meeting friends: Well usually we all meet in the Eid party but this time I also want to meet them before and after it as I am on extended leave.
  4.  Eidee: Well this is the thing for which I used to wait for Eid for whole year. Still I get money from my mom and nani but now my outflow has grown much more than inflow. As there are younger in my family now and I am older now. L
Well this is a small list which I made but more I am keeping secret. Well I hope this Eid bring happiness in all of us life. Don’t forget to wish me Happy Eid in advance. 

P.S.: For first time I am feeling so happy, “Main kuch hoo aaaj khaa maa khaaaa”…J