Thursday, August 2, 2012

The side effect of RAKSHABANDAN

If there is any festival in India which boys hate, then that would be “RAKHI” or “RAKSHABANDHAN”. This day you would find boys running away from girls, lowest attendance in school and college. In office also you will avoid the girl whom you don’t want to be rakhi brother. Well this is a quite a fear of any festival in India. I am fortunate to already have two sisters so I never want to have rakhi sister.

Well in that case I remember one of my friends, Jayant singh. He was student of RSS run school from 5 to 12th class. So every in Rakhi girls of his class used to tie him Rakhi and then used to pledge they will treat them as there sister. (Now we all know why our Jayant is still single). When your school life is so doomed that you have to think every girl of your class as a sister then nothing else left in life. Even I never used to say the prayer, “All Indian is my brother and Sister”. Come on man, if all are my sister then who I will marry. So we used to skip that part in our school also.

The girls will love this opportunity, to give a heart attack to boys. One of my close friend who had a crush on a girl for last 2 years. One day the girl called him and said to meet her in college canteen. He was in cloud 9 to meet her. But when he came back his face was like crying and killing someone in Hostel. We all asked him what happened, then he told us, “She called me to tell me that, there are rumors in college that you are my boyfriend so I want you to be my Rakhi brother. Please say yes as this is very important to me”. And we all were seeing his had with rakhi tied in it. After that incident he is sacred to meet any girl in the canteen. That is the effect of Rakhi in life I think.

I have so many incidents where boys have suffered due to this festival. Let’s hope we all remain safe this festival. I and Jayant have decided to remain in the office for whole day to avoid any type of disturbing call of “BEING BROTHER”. Well at least it protects you from this incident.

Think about this what if you are planning to propose the girl you like but before that he tie you Rakhi. Ahh!! Worst case that could happen to anyone, my only hope is that all Boys remain safe this RAKHI.

Tera emotional Attayachar....

P.S.: But the person who doesn’t have sister has something missing in his life.