Monday, October 8, 2012

The phenomena called… YO YO Honey Singh

Few years back when I was in my hostel, somebody given me a single track of honey Singh to listen. I have been always a keen listener to soft songs and Ghazal’s but that song was a shocker for me. It was “cheap” that was what I called at that time and didn't listen to his song for long time.

Well few months back I check his few new songs which were suggested by friend and to my surprise I liked it this time. So what have changed in these few years in YO YO honey singh songs? Well as I can see in his style, music there has not much has changed but he has toned down his songs little bit to make is listenable to all. If you don’t know he is recently offered whopping 70 Lakhs for a single track in Bollywood song.
What led to such a rise of this Punjabi rapper in recent years?

Well answer is simple but yet twisted. His own unique style, he has created his own unique style in last few years. Take an example of his name also, nobody these day introduce him a “honey singh”, everyone says “YO YO Honey singh”. He has created his own identity by his own songs in last few years. I think he is only few available rappers in India and he is certainly one of the best in the business these days. He has won last four year best music directors from ETC Punjabi. His song brown rang and dope shope are among one of the most run songs in Delhi radio station. He is one the most happening thing in the Punjabi music.

His earlier songs video were never so much attractive than his song “Lyrics” and also his singing style, some time you need know what people want to listen. Now his songs video has got better and also his style has much better these days. He has created a niche listener of his own whom now idolizes him and also listens to his songs more than any other.

There is perfect saying for him, “you can love him or hate him but you can't ignore him”. I used to earlier not like him but now I don't hate him. I admire him for few things that he has done to Indian music scene. First of all he is self made man in the music Industry, he doesn't have any Godfather but now everyone knows him. I salute him for that, and face that he sung his most songs in Punjabi when he has choice of singing songs in English and other languages as well. I prefer to call him India “AKON” and end my piece of note with “YO YO honey Singh” signature tune.


§  The ETC award for the Best sound in 2006 for Glassi

§  The PTC award for the Best Folk Pop Award 2009 for Rebirth

§  PTC Punjabi Best Music Director 2010 for song Desi Daroo[17]

§  PTC Punjabi Best Music Director 2011 for album The Folkstar[18][19]

§  PTC Punjabi Best Music Director 2012 for album I.V.(International Villager)[20]


The track Gabru from International Villager featuring singer J-Star topped Asian music charts (including world iTunes and the official BBC Asian charts)