Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall in love with This Chelsea FC

It is still only 8 matches in the BPL, I am not sure who will the trophy but one thing is sure that this Chelsea fc will win lots of heart this season. They are fun to watch, eye pleasing passing, wonder goal, running at defenders and the team work is the new thing in this Chelsea team.

Last season we won Champions league but the team didn’t get the deserved praise from anyone. Some said it is down to luck, some said it was due to old guard. Purist said Chelsea killed the football but who care If in the end we won. The only point I want to make is that in first season of Pep barsalona, they where luck to get semi final win at Chelsea and they created history by becoming best team in the word.

Now similar thing can happen to Chelsea as well. They got luck when needed but now they are looking the team to beat this season.

Now come back to this season Chelsea fc have started season on the bang. They passed two of the big five hurdle called Totthanam and Arsenal with easy. They scored the goal, out passed and out classed the team in the pitch. How many time you see Arsenal team being out classed in passing, start seeing in this new Chelsea fc.

The forward line is quite unique with Mata, Hazard and Oscar. They all are ball playing and passer in the team. They build the move and also have a eye for the final pass in the goal. But the team got the balance right one Ramirez is shifted to the midfield alongside of Mikel. Mikel is protector and move killer but this season I have saw big difference is, he is moving ball forward rather that back passes. In Ramirez he has found a perfect partner who can ran how much you say to him in 90 min. with his running ability

The only concern for Chelsea is there forward line in which they have not got there gun blazing. I not convinced with Torrez all the time and believe it is time for give a chance to Struddide. There a nice little fellow in Resever team called Ismael frazer called Rooney of scottland bought from Celtic last year.

If we club this thing, come forward few month if this maintain this movement and winning streak there will lots of team who will be scared and also the people will love to watch this Chelsea team.