Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yaado ka idiot Nama... With saifi

With each passing year, our memory of our past time starts fading away. We only remember some of the best parts of our school, college life and with our family and friends. Problem with our school time was there where no such thing called Camra phone, so we could not capture our memories. I did it in our college time and whenever I looked at it, I just revisit all the best days of life at that time.

Here are collection of few photographs which I have found in my laptop collection of my college life and hostel life. 

Our faculty in the college, many of them has left the college but I will always remember them.  From left, Vaishali Ma’am, Prerna Ma’am (Our mentor), Deep shikha Ma’am (Oh who could forget her acts. Class in first semester), Shefali Ma’am (My fvrt. Teacher, we did all the masti in her class), ------( I forget her name, now I will put my hand up and say Bad memory saifi), Jyothi Ma’am ( Well I took her all the classes ever though I was not in the HR selective subject), faiz sir ( His marketing class used to be fun), Last our HOD, his question used to unique, like why yellow pages are called yellow pages.

A photo of our early days in Hostel days, all the hosteller used to sit in the ground to watch the TV. I think this click is of Cricket match which was telecasted. And the room you see in circle used to me my Hotel flat. Room no 96.

 Jyothi Kiran Socity gate, Which was our hostel. We spend our one year inside this gate. There was whole world for us inside this gate. Ahhh Just missing those evening of Greater noida inside this hostel.

This is Flat no 96, Where Me, Jayant and bade bahiya (Nisheeth) used to live, this pick is of last day when we left the hostel and moved on in the life. But this flat has given some golden memories to me which can never be forgotten. 

Soonsan road of Sector Pie, where you have to travel at least 2 KM for the auto, If you have missed you college bus. And also the evening walk to Acher market, where most of the Girls hostels was there.
This pick is of the fresher day, don't try to find Mr. raj here bcz we didn't know him till that date. From Left, Mr. Jayant singh, Kapoor Sahab ( Well in his words, "Kisi ne Inko dost nahi samjha"), Pradeep bhai ( he was chaha ji of our group and used to give Jayant love tips of how to talk to girls and he himself not talked to any girl in his whole MBA), In between in blue trowser and white shirt that is me saifi (Well this pick remind me how we used to look one year back), RP singh ( His name is too long to get mention here, But Me and jayant used to go his room and love it there because he always used to give us something to eat.)

This pick is of our Fresher Party, Well it was combined party of all the college fresher not like how we gave to our Juniors separate party. I think song was "Gulabi Ankhe jo teri dekhi, Sharabi ye dil ho gaya".

P.S.: I will try to bring few more memorable picks of our college and hostel time, so we can just see our life once more.
Note: All the photo are work of Mr. Nisheeth Khare, Please take his permission before using it anywhere else.