Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Equation and reactions........

When I was a student I used to hate that day when some of national festival or holiday happen to be Sunday. I am still the same, I hate it. Why you lose your one extra holiday just because it is Sunday. I know lots of people will agree with me but most of might not agree with me. Choose the either side you want to be, I am happy to be back the way I was.

Let’s hope next time this doesn’t happen with us. Please god does take care of it from next time onwards. For me last month has been great on all the fronts. Let me tell life after college makes you think and realize how much you miss college life.

I think of the past few months and I realize life has changed dramatically. The late night parties have stopped, phone call is limited to few people, SMS I have stopped sending just because ever TRAI have not more than 100 message( even govt. has turned against student). After college I have lost contact with most of classmates. Even they don’t seem to come on Facebook.

Even then also, I get the updates regarding all the new breakups and linkups of our classmate. Believe me there have been few. Even though I was told to not write this part but who cares.  After all that is what we want to hear from friends. Leave the gossip part but still you get to know a lot from all the friends. I still remember my time in hostel when we used to speculate about all the happenings in the college even if we were related to it or not.

And at last I got back my hunger for writing. I hope it continue for some time and get some time from my office. On a good note I do want tell you all that our STARTUP is selected in top 20 STARTUP in NASCOM. Hope we get more recognition very soon. Do like indeed.