Sunday, October 9, 2011

Few words, few feelings will be left unsaid......

Last night I was just checking some old blogs and photos I have updated on my Facebook profile and I realized how things remain unsaid or left unexpressed at some level. You either cannot say the way you feel or you cannot respond to someone feeling because at some level you never understand those things at that time.

As you take a look back at your life, you can see all those incidents where you have to say something but you were not able to do so. Either it had been your first crush of school or the first and most important farewell day in school. We miss all those chances to express our feeling. Funny thing is for first crush we do not say something to him/her just because somehow in our heart we start believing that we will be rejected.  

But school farewell is totally different from all the other feeling. I never saw the end coming after the farewell, just always thought it will be new beginning where all friends will be closer and will always be together. But after few months you realize, it doesn’t go always the way you think. So now you are all alone with one or two school friends because everybody else has to make choices for themselves and they have chosen what would be best for them. There was many school friends whom I never met afterwards, just heard about them or a little piece of news. Few months later I stopped following them or tracing them but I still want to know about few of them whom I never get chance to so good bye. I still think if you love or hate someone do let that person know or you will carry that thought all your life on your heart and shoulder with all the life.

Life moves on and you become so busy in your own life that who cares about school friends who are lost. I met few of them randomly in few place but over the time the connection have been lost. Even the phone, facebook or the emails cannot match the bonding that you used to have in school.

I hope one day my all school friends have a reunion party. I don’t know what I will do but surely this time I will thank all of them to be my friend when I don’t know what a friend means to be. I will spell few secrets and take few blames but in the end I will let them know what I thought about them. I don’t know why I realize it now that “those days where best days of my life”………….

And yet few things, few words, few feelings will be left unsaid…………….

 "Thanks you all for being my friend....."