Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kuch Alfaz....

First of all to Dear Saifi---
"friends are like page in book of life,every page with different subject but best friends are the index page, covering every subject as u "

Don’t feel ki maska maar raha hu...
From the end of 3rd semester of MBA, I wished to write something on your blog but somehow it got delayed aaj..kal..parso.Finaly aaj ankhe kholi or likh diya...

Ur last note "searching result…. we'll let u know..Was honestly nice..Yes it is true fact what you have written about hr & finance. As I have also gone through the same felling. 

My few lines or you can say a small poem which i dedicate to your last blog, Raj and me.

tufano me maana faase hai ham,
jakhmo pe apne haase bhi hai ham.
umid hai sahara jarur milega,
hamko kinara jarur milega.

ladkhdate hai kabhi kadam manjilo pe,

presaniya na lenge ham dilo pe.

himat se ye aakas,ye parvat hilega,

hamko kinara jarur milega.

chalta hu…

Deepak Kumar