Thursday, December 22, 2011

the EQUATION of my COLLEGE life and its LOST PARAMETERES.................PART 5

Writing next part of any situation or any story is always difficult just because it always demand a better motivation and more compelling story to tell. I hope I get this one right.

My college life has just ended. Just few formalities I have to complete and I will be free from all the papers and exams tensions. No more last night fight, no more copying of notes and assignment, no more waking up and thinking shit I missed the important practical or class, and the best we are free from college life now.

Let me tell you what has changed in last two years in my college life. Well matter of face everything have changed. It’s hard to believe that these all event had happened in last two years. Life has gone to 360 degree sometimes in these situations.

The change in name of university:  I never thought that in two year there will be so many name changes in university. I applied for UPTU, got admission in UPTU, give first semester exams in UPTU but then there was a change. It was changed in GBTU i.e. (GAUTAM BUDDH TECHNICAL UNIVERCITY). I was doubt in whole year that which university mark sheet I will get. Finally in 4th semester I received mark sheet of GBTU. But there is still a surprise for all of us. Our juniors are giving exams under MTU i.e. (MAHA MAYA TECHNICAL UNIVERCITY)  and believe me after seeing their examination paper I can say they are not loving it.

The teachers change: there has been more change than I have expected or say I wanted in my college life. The most teachers we liked left us in the midway. First ajay sir after first semester, then faiz sir followed him after second semester, vaishali mam in last semester and in between many more teachers. Personally I would pick faiz sir any day to back in the college just because he is a type of teacher who boosts you confidence to do all the things that you can only think. Like, we did in SAP presentation in the college.

Friendship equation change: this is the thing which cannot be defined. Personally my equation has not changed with my friend. My friendship with my friends are same be it kshama, jayant, ruby, nisheeth, neelam, raj, vikas, varun and mahaveer. My equation do not change with them, it only have grown in number. But there have been times when these people have been affected by some other people who do not deserve to be there friend. It could only be because they have given them too much importance but in reality they do not deserve that.

I have to admit that sometime nothing go according to your plan in life. It is most difficult part in life when you want to do something else and you end up doing something else. I have to edit my lines so many times so that it may not be actually have a feel of targeting someone. There are few people out there who always say that we all have changed as a friend and I do agree with them, but have they ever thought how much they have changed in life.

In my two year of college I have seen all the ups and all the downs to know how cruel life is sometime. Someday you are friend with someone and other day they turn out to be your enemy, the bitching part, the breakups between your friends and most depressing of all the changes you did not expect in your life. It stinks but I am getting use to it.

Hey but still good friend’s sticks together like my good friend have done with me. They stick to me ever though I am not that good. I love you all my friends to just being my friends without you all my life would have been not so good. Just stick with me as I hope I maintain my bag full of happiness..:)