Thursday, December 22, 2011

My EIDEE and Happiness I found in it

As a Kid I always used to wait for Eid time to come around. It was the most celebrated festival in my house; it is the only time when you see everyone with brand new cloths and Eating lots of SEWAI. Personally speaking I used to wait for Eid day since the start of Holy month Ramadan. This was the only day when I use to get EIDEE form all the elders in house, family and relatives.

Those who are not aware of concept of EIDEE let me tell you. EIDEE is given to the children in family either in form cash or by any other way. Please note what I am saying may not be accurate but this was my interpretation as a KID.

I think now everybody would know why I used to wait for EID so much, simply because it was the only time when I used to get the money from all the elder people in my family and relative. I still remember my highest collection of EIDEE was around 200 Bucks but was the most cherished money I have ever collected in my life. Just to get involved in competition that who has the highest EIDEE in all of the cousins gives you a felling that you are most loved one among all. And being the youngest one in family always give you chance to get more EIDEE than the elder ones. But sad part is, it might be taken away from you by mom or any elder one you trust.  The pet dialog they will use is,” we will safeguard you money otherwise you will lose it”. And believe me you will never ever get the money back.

It was more about enjoying the spirit of the EID. As the time had passed, my love for EIDEE has dipped a bit but not gone. I still take EIDEE from my Nani and try to make sure that I do not spend that money for whole year.  Some time I have been successful and most of time I haven’t able to stop my tendency to buy something from that money.

Now in my family all of us do not meet often and the free spirit to celebrate is gone but still EID is same and so is EIDEE. It has been the best part of my life to live the EID in the best possible way and enjoy the movement in it.

For me personally last two EID has been different. Now I am also one of those who may have to give EIDEE rather than take it. How strange it may sound but that’s the reality that someone younger than me is now there in family. So it is time to give the EIDEE rather than take it and let them feel the same joy  that I used to get even in 10 bucks at my childhood. It is hard to forget those days. Maybe this EID will bring more happiness in life so we could just one again remember the good old days.

P.S.: All the elders please do not forget to give the EIDEE to all of your younger ones in this EID. Drop us mail if you want to share your sweet memories with us.

By: Saifi Shahid