Wednesday, December 14, 2011

“In My Memories: PART-1 (Deepak)"

Dear friends it’s a Monday night and I just want to tell you all about one of the most memorable incident of my life, which to be fare I can never ever forget. Maybe what I thought was not accurate but then also it sounds funny to me.

I just want to tell you all about an incident relate to my friend Anil. Now lots of people will immediately remember him and for those who have not, let me enlighten you all. Anil was our batch mate, full name Anil Gangwar. Now he was one of my good friends but still there is one thing in him that makes me think and laugh more about it. If you ever thought of a competition about Lazy guy I think he will be perfect for it. He is one of the laziest guys I have ever been with.

I still remember the first day I saw him college. It was our first day in college and introduction class was going on. He was giving his introduction in front of the faculty and what he said I am trying to recollect from my remaining memory. He said, “I belong to a business family and I have a big business”. But as I analyzed his body language and his way of speaking was different. He even makes most smart student sound dumb with his style. He takes time to speak but when he speaks I think even he don’t know what he is saying. I remember one time even made one of our teachers to say, “It is better to sleep rather than to expect you to speak and act fast”.

As I was one his friend one day he called me up in the weekend and said he wants to visit my Village. I was amazed and told him to come any time. He made me wait 1 ½ hour for him on nearest bus stand for my village, which is far away from village. I thought he was very excited to visit my village and his expression said it all to me.

He sounded quite happy when he entered in my village. While entering in my village he saw a buffalo and asked me about it. So he asked me what this is. I thought he might not know about it so gave him a brief introduction about the buffalo. He lived few days with me and it was quite nice experience to live with him. As the last day arrived and he was ready to leave I just had one final question for him. I asked him, “Tell me truth about your business, what you do?”

He remained silent for few minutes and then he answered. Even today I remember each word of his answer and maybe I will never forget that answer in my life. He said, “My father is also farmer and we also purchase and sell buffalo”.

P.S.: Never ever judge a book by its cover, there may be more content inside rather that what you perceive.

Written by: DEEPAK KUMAR