Monday, December 12, 2011

Love : "End of perfect story"

Last Sunday I watched “Rockstar” and it was super movie by Imtiaz Ali. Sometime I feel he is the only one who has been able to define the changing face of romance in Indian cinema. Well let’s go back to my original point, “the end of perfect love story”.

In the 80 and 90’s there was a time when a love story used to be perfect in movies. Whatever you do in 2 ½ hours of movie it didn’t matter but it should always have the happy ending and right should win. I am not saying it was wrong but my point is doing all the time same thing make it boring. Does the entire love story have to perfect then only we can call them as love story?

I don’t think so and most of would agree with me on that point. I like Mr. SRK to fight all the odds in DDLG to win his love in the film and I think that was the last perfect love story I have seen on the big screen. Now we are seeing change in the movies, every one life and even in love story.

If you look at now day’s cinema I think it has left behind the days of perfect love story. Look at All the movies of Imtiaz Ali they all have not been perfect love story. Let’s take the example of Rockstar it was unusual love story. Both were unexpressive about their love, they know about their love, likes and dislikes but still they were not ready to believe in it. I don’t know how people realize it love but I do know either its love or it’s not. It didn’t mean love is all about getting what you want sometime you also love someone whom you cannot get in life. There is also love for my friends, family and others also.

Love is not measured on the time they spend together; they care for each other but something beyond that. I know it is not a perfect definition for love story but yet it is quite close. If you love someone you are more than happy to see her or him happy even if that make you cry. I know it sound filmi and bookish but that’s how love works in the end. You will never know the reason.

I know some people might be upset by the end of the perfect love story but I am happy. Now love story is beyond the things you want to do. It is more about the thing you like to do in the end. In my life I have seen quite few love stories as a perfect love maybe one day I will find that. But still I think one day the trend of perfect love story will come back.