Thursday, December 22, 2011

The EQUATION of my college days And Its PARAMETERS.........PART 3

There was one incident in my college life which change my whole college life. That incident was first semester result in which I topped. From a zero in Allahabad university to batch semester topper in IEC.

Frankly I was the last student expected to top the class. To be fair I was also never expected that result from myself. I screwed 2 or 3 papers in examination badly and still end up getting highest marks.

In my friends group I was with least attendance, my assignments were always late and apart from economics no other subject was my favorite. I hated organization behavior and stats, both papers I screwed badly. My aim was always to pass with decent marks not a single time this thought came in my mind. In my whole life I have always thought that scoring highest marks is not good for health. Maybe I never wanted to reach on top and I was happy in my own space.

After result it was whole new experience for me. Just everybody start thinking you are intelligent, which I am not. Friends and people who know you start thinking, how the hell he can top when he was least studying and one of the laziest persons in the world. I think they were right at that time. That made them think had he has been studying while we were sleeping. In reality I was the one sleeping most and studying less.

The most irritating part was when everybody started calling me SAIFI SIR. I used to think, hold on man, I am just 21 year old and SAIFI SIR Sound makes me feel like 31 year old. But to be franks I enjoyed every bit of FAME in that period. Now everybody knows me for right reason and in my whole life it has been rare.

My stint at top was short one but one of the memorable one. I didn’t deserve to be there just because I never that hard to be there. Others have work hard and believe me very hard. They all studied late night, attended full class. Where was I all that time, sleeping and relaxing?

But this incident taught me one thing. Never ever in life underestimate yourself in whatever you do. Some time underdogs also perform well and just believe in you. Yet I exceeded my all expectations.

Lastly I would like to thank all the friends because of whom I achieved that thing. Nisheeth bhai ( a bade bhai, roommate and one who know all about how I topped),  jayant ( he was one the deserving candidate of topping the semester and I toppes just because of his questions), raj( he has similar story to me just he topped from down), smita( only friend whom I have irritated most in first semester) and most important my family.