Saturday, November 12, 2011

Raj ko RAAZ rahne do… (Part 2)

Yes this is quite true that most of people want to know about raj but the “hero” raj want to away from lime light. But as usual who has a friend like us (who always do opposite what your friends want) so how he can remain away from lime light. So raj don’t be angry just because other wanted to know about you that’s why I have written.

As in my last blog for raj, I tried explain how good a person he is (all of that was lie and he paid me for writing it). So let me tell you that he has not paid me this time so I don’t have to say all good things about him. We all know raj is famous for his Sher and Shayari. Now lots of people don’t know how he came to this Sher-O-Shayri world.

So as per my secret agents (I.e. Jayant and Khare Sahab), Raj as all know was very famous among girls from his time of school. I am talking about a time when there was no FB, less internet, No mobile Phone and even land line was rare. That was time when giving Archies card to a Girl was biggest thing and the boy thought as a gentleman by the girls. So as per our sources raj used to go there and used to spend hours in Archies to select a card (only who as has done shopping with his will know why I am focusing on time). He used to go there to just hear Ghazal there and his taste for Sher-O-Shayri improved. Now the Archies card might not be so popular among girls anymore but 
Raj Sher-O-Shyari is still quite popular.

That is the reason why he is been hated by so many boys and loved by so many girls. A good voice, handsome hunk (means on looks not on size), more beautiful than girls (Girls only hate him for being more beautiful than them), ready to share everything “except few” (Even he share his train seat with girls only of course not with boys). But I and Jaynat hate him for few other things which are not mention here. Girls use to give gift to him and we use to think, “Humara number kab aayega”, Girls use to write his assignment even if they had a breakup or big fight with their Boyfriend last night but for our assignment they never use to give the assignment to even copy it. But then again over a time of period we realize Raj is Raj, so stop complaining about it.

But again only raj knows these helps or it become more difficult for you to live. I know some of his friend still thinks that just because of raj there breakup happened but do really because of raj that happened. That why I said Raj ko Raaj Rahne do. My advice to him is, it’s not easy to be nice to all persons and you don’t need to be. Just let them deal with their own problem and realize who have lost what. Oh by the way I remember that raj favorite serial is BIG BOSS, you know why? “Gorakhpur connections”. I think Jayant knows why.

Waise Raj ko maine Raaj h rahne diya h still.................................