Thursday, November 3, 2011

Indian Agriculture ..A big scene behind it...

In India I feel the biggest problem is not corruption but the development. As a developing nation I do not find enough thrust in the nation most reliable and one time base of economy .i.e. agriculture.

The agriculture field has been always been neglected in India either in the name of development or by the name of modernization. Believe me they have nothing to do with agriculture growth and its development. Have you heard a word of modernization in the agriculture field by the government, for surely I have not heard that, have you?

In India where still half of its population is dependent on agriculture, where is the next revolution in this field. Farmers are killing themselves not because they are not able to take risk but they know that it is impossible to come out of this never ending debt circle. As I have been living in a village for over 20 years I know the exact problem of them. They do not want the subsidy for the agriculture but they demand few things from the government.

Firstly they need basic infrastructure, it is easy to say in India agriculture is not up to standard but are we giving them fare chance. Look at ground reality Electricity is not available in the villages for almost 12 hours; water is a problem and if the entire problem is solved then also there is fight for the timely fertilizer from the govt. believe it or not it never ends, even if you pass all these tests then the biggest is to get the market for your product. Which is basically a place where only farmers are exploited nothing more. They sell their product on 10 Rs but it end up in market with just double price.

Bizarrely we all blame govt. for all suffering but a framer never does that simply because he even not aware what are policies that govt. has for them. They will sell their crop at cheaper rate then set by the govt. because at ground they need money to stay alive and survive another day.

When govt. set Rs 32 as minimum required for the living there was huge cry from the middle class people and all those who say they are intellectual. But the next time they will went to a shop of fruits or vegetable they will bargain for half hour for one Rs and might not purchase from there. They will happily buy same product on higher price from Relience fresh just because it is a BRAND.

That is the reality in India, for farmer there is only one thing in India i.e. sympathy. Hope it may change soon let’s hope. Let’s hope that farmers get there due and get the right infrastructure to work and grow.