Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thai Gobhi Parotha

I was in Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, a small town about 80 kms from Kanyakumari last year. After working for more than 10 hours at a stretch, I was feeling like very hungry and I have to walk more than 2 mile to go to a good restaurant, because our apartment was not connected to the main road.
That was Shri Krishna Resturant. The time was 16:00 hrs. Almost every thing was finished. The restaurant wore a deserted look. Everyone was making the restaurant clean. I called a waiter. he came after 15 minutes and replied instantly, "puri, idli, dosa, aur rice khatm ho gaya hai, parotha milega.". We were visiting that restaurant daily, and he was the only waiter who knew Hindi, so he knew our orders and told that breaking news. It was the only restaurant open there in three km area due to Sunday.

I then asked for the menu.

Me: Onion Kulcha
Waiter: Khatam
Me: Kulcha
Waiter: Khatam

Me: Paneer Parothha
Waiter: Khatam
Me: Aloo Parothha
Waiter: Khatam
Me: Plain Parothha
Waiter: Alu ka Sabzi khatam ho gai hai
Me: OK this Gobi Parothha
Waiter: Ha wo mil jaega thoda wait krna padega, abi kitchen ki cleaning chal rahi hai.
Me: OK 2 le ao.

I was dying from hunger and that day I waited for thirty minutes for the Gobi Parotha watching a south indian drinking tea in their contemporary style.

After waiting for thirty minutes, he came with two medium sized bowls in his hand. Their was no one in the are excepting me, I thought may be someone will be sitting in the A/C lounge. And that two bowls he put in front of me.

Guys I was like: ye kya hai, aur.. aur Gobi Parotha kahan hai
(It was looking like a bowl full of mixed veg but parotha thing was invisible.)

Waiter: Yahi to hai Gobhi Parotha
Me: Ye to Gobhi ki sabzi hai, parotha kaha hai..
Waiter: Yahi hai saab
Then I called manger
Me: Ye kya mazak hai, mujhe bhukh lagi hai, mai thirty minutes se wait kar raha hu, mera parotha kaha hai r ye kya hai.
Manager: Wait Sir, I am calling the Chef (in their special South English)

Than came the inventor of this master piece which almost made me stand on my toes. A guy may be around 20-22. Waiter and Manager was also standing there. Waiter telling what I was saying to them
Bawarchi: What!!
Me: Parotha kaha hai tumhara wo Gobhi Parotha
Bawarchi: This is, This is Thai Gobi Parotha
Me: Gobhi Parotha Thailand kab gaya jo Thai ho gaya
Bawarchi: This is, This is Thai Gobi Parotha

I do not wanted to eat that thing but I had no other choice, I was dying from hunger. Somehow I managed to it that Gobi Parotha. I told waiter, take one, I will only eat one. Take another back. When I started eating that thing, it was like only a mix veg, and nothing else. I did not found any Parotha in that dish. Somehow I managed to it that Gobi Parotha.
That was a quite hilarious situation. There is more to come...