Saturday, June 16, 2012

Between two passing seconds .

Between two passing seconds I hit the paper with my pen
In an effort to capture the fleeting moments essence

What is the value of life
To be able to move my hand what does it signify
Every moment gone will never return
It is a cause for celebration or cry

While I stay ignorant, a drop of possibilities precipitates
And before I could taste it, evaporates
Waiting for a grand future, while you sit
A part of it silently trespasses into present and decimates.

Beleaguered by your small worries, you
Lay unaware of the moments in the dark
A pimple today gives you scare, one day stupid, your body will rot,
Sadly what happens before is what breaks your back.

With a broad grin today you say your hobby is to sleep,
What could be more idiotic
When you get time for hobby, you may not enjoy it
And your lips wont curve they will go static

Keep pushing things for the future,
For reasons you are not sure yourself
A future when formalizing, may take away
The thing, the reason and even the self

Kept things inside afraid of showing yourself
What shame it’ll be, you being hated for
What you aren’t, rather
What you really are

Ever unsatisfied you roam like a zombie
Peace evades you, life slips out of hand while you stand by
Grab the life, look for peace
Take dissatisfaction for granted but stay at ease

Do what you want and speak what you will
Don’t care for people who, are trying to please
For even Jesus with all his goodness
To people failed appease

Fear do not, hide not, decide
Which path to take
And don’t worry if it’s right or wrong
Run till you are out of breath

Take inspiration from smallest of things
Laugh hard on silliest of jokes
Claim your space in the world

Worry not, if to you, the fool show teeth or tongue.

By: Avinash Singh

P.S.: This poem is written by one of close friends Avinash. He is wonderful poet in my opinion. He is some one who is stuck in between for love for his writing and the hate for his job.  :).