Friday, June 8, 2012

The Beautifull Mind... Depaak "Rousa"....part 2.... (Link of Part 1)

As I was not getting time to complete my interview with Deepak “Rousa”. Now I am presenting second part of the series…

I was enjoying my time with Deepak “Rousa”. It was one of the most beautiful evenings in the store.  Usually happen when two beautiful minds meets.

Question: And then you came in MBA, how diff it was from you BA College and how you adjusted?
Answer: This is an interesting question, when I was in BA; it was like I was more like to remain in my inner self. I had only 2 friends in my class. I used to have morning class in the first year of my college and then within 2 to 3 hour after class. In my college apart from my class I used to love to go Librerary. You know it is unique place between you and books with all the words.
But in MBA it was all together different. I used to be friend with most of class mates. I tried to brake those little shekels to come out of my secure zone. It was very tuff work for me in BA as no one can guess about me and my religion due to my Moustache but in MBA due to that only you all people gave me title of “Bhagat Singh”.

Question: In college you where one of those student who use to keep quite in class. Why those serious looks?
Ans: Well my answer might remind of raju of 3 Idiot. The expectation of my family and my teachers on me made me so. I want to meet all those expectation of my teachers and family. Doing MBA was my own decision and it was really expensive for a family of farmer trusts me. I really never wanted to break trust of those all who have trusted me.

Question: You are a Gujjar, but how it feels when they are stereotyped as a bad people. Whereas there are some good people who not mentioned as often. Why is that so and how you feel about it.
Ans: In every place there is all type of people lives but some time I think perception matters a lot. In my cast a lot of good people are like Dhayama panna, Sardar patel, Rajesh pilot and many IAS, IPS, IFS, farmers, Solders and lots of good social people. Last year Pooja awana a Gujjar girl passes IAS, IIT’ans. Nandita Gujjar of Infoysis is also the gujjar, this cast doing well and I am proud to be a gujjar and we always try to be making it a beautiful caste.
As I could capture the mood of Deepak, I knew he wanted to talk more about his college life.

Question: tell me something about you college life in IEC. How it changed it you and your friends.
Ans: Well some time I wonder how to answer this. But Life in IEC was beautiful and it was a place where I was at peace and relax. There are lots of memories like teachers, assignments, projects, nisheeth bhai, cool ha ha ha boy jayant, Sumit, HG, Raj, Vikas, Amit, Lazy Anil, Vicky, Ajay, Kapoor Sahab, Bagpat k sundeep and Ankur, apne chaudhary sahib and our own Michal Jackson.
Mayank, Body builder goswami, RP, Prashant, Ram Navar or bahut sari baato ke bich me saurabh gupta, saifi means you and lakvadorch or bhai mere pyare dosto ne do saal ko ek zindagi bana diya.
And even some time maharaja Somendra so serious stories make me funny.
It is not easy to forget those days with you all because “Zindagi pyar ki do char ghadi hoti hai, Chaye choti bhi ho ye umar badi hoti he”

Question: How did teachers helped in your life
Ans:"I dedicate this life on the foot of my teachers", Now that was short but best answer by Deepak.
We paused for few minute for coffey. I read some were a lot of good things happen over a coffey. This was pleasing to see one of close friend to open his heart out to us. And let us all know about him.

Question: You are a poet also, how you started that. Who influenced you most as a poet?
Ans: I stated writing poem from class 6 or 7. It was learning for me to play with words because I was never able to express myself to others. So it was all about the poems to me. My father influenced my most. He motivates me and let me tell you he is the only person who has listened all of my poems till date. After a pause Deepak said again.
I know what you want to know next why poem in hindi. “saifi Bhai for me jis bhasha me sochta hu wo hindi he...hindi mere dil k bhasha he or dil me har ak cheez bhut khash hoti hai”, the beautiful mind said to me.

Question: Any advice you want to give to your juniors about poerty.
Ans: Hmmm, Not only for poetry but for all the matters, "heart is the only real book with us from birth to last & we ignore its education, read it & then do or see from the real open eye”

Question:  finaaly any poem on your life, there had to be one And one person who inspires you every time you look at him.
Ans: All poems r my feeling and my pain of heart inspires me when I of my poems is 
very close of my heart few lines....


"Me nikal chla jis bhi path per,
mujhe kato ka bhandar mila..

path me dhur mili ghari,

har do pal me andhkar mila..."

P.S.: After speaking to me at this length I knew about him more than I am writing. Till next time, next person ready to open his hearth with me. it is bye from saifi.