Monday, June 25, 2012

The Economics of Commerce Students

As a commerce student I used to always hate being compared to Science student. I never understand why we all compared to a science student to judge as intelligence. Either in marks or anything but anyway that the way education system of India has been science student oriented.

As a commerce student you quite early realize that you are not made for those chemistry equations and illogical spelling in Biology (I was terrible on both of them). You don’t want to go to arts, so by luck or by chance you arrive in commerce. Here world is quite different everything is not fixed as in science but not imaginary as in arts. It is a mix of both to teach you about the perfect blend of both. After commerce you have mostly left with little option for the carrier like CA (way to much study needed) and MBA (You are Idiot if you think you can join IIM after commerce graduation). But mostly you will find most commerce not opting for CA they go for MBA or either they do their own business.

Now the battle starts with science student in graduation. All those wana be engineers and doctors fail in their field so they do what, join any good commerce course to save their career. I am not against it but there should be some protection for the commerce student as there is for science student.  They come and take one seat in a good college from commerce student away, and the student who has worked hard for 2 years to reach this place will  not be notice because in exam all the question where from math’s and quant’s. So it makes them to go for a secondary college.  And all wana be engg. And Doc takes their places. What a bright future this country has.

It never ends here, after and BBA most of commerce student opt for either CA or MBA. Well for MBA you need to prepare for English, Quants and much more things. But who ask question of economics, finance or say business management. They we all realize it was all wrong studies we have done till now. In commerce we were all taught you can do anything but we realize we can’t beat engg. Students in quants because they are doing it for 4 years but can they beat us in economics or finance, my answer will be NO. At least give us the fair playing ground to compete with. Include these also part of it then see how things can be change for Commerce student.

Everybody see the rat race to get in the college but how we are getting in there and how unfair the system with some of the people. I don’t know but some time I think for commerce student it is unfair. Well at the end of day that is the way system is some time, unfair but most of time an old system in place.

P.S.: As a commerce student I always envy science student for only thing, they have a choice after 12 also to come in commerce but we don’t have choice to change.