Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Village diary...(Part 2)

I looked at my watch it was about 12 noon yet there was so much calm here. I got the mixed feeling in my heart. It has been about 6 months since I visited home. Crossing the road seemed easier as traffic chaos was missing of big city. Everyone seems to be familiar face in the small town.

Usually form road to my home the distance is of about 1.5 Km. either my dad or Jija ji used to pic me up from the outside of the Village. This time it was different as I have decided to give surprise to all of them by reaching on my own. Nobody knew about my arrival apart from my Sister. While walking to the side of road I can see the difference in the village. The biggest change I have seen was to see lots of educational institute around my village. Well from engineering to management and even law college is now in walking distance of village. It feels strange to see these things happen in outside of my village. This was the same village where not a single school used to be there apart from Madarsa (It is place where Muslim student take education usually of religion and also now days it turn out to be full school with all facilities).

I and my sister used to go At least 25 KM for our college and even to 35 KM daily (Don’t think we used to walk that much. We used to take public transport). I had a luxury of bike when I was in college but my elder sisters used to go by public transport. This thing seems to have so little relevance today but it taught me so many things. I never complained in my life that I live in village so I will not be able to that or I am this because of that. Education is one thing only which can change the life and dynamics of villages. Nobody in village used to go to college from here till my sister first started it (I am biased toward praising her). People used to stay either in city or do it by correspondence. She was the one who gone against the trend and started the new trend. Nobody will remember her as first lady to be Graduate from his generation but she broke the barriers that were there in the village. Girls can study and even the higher studies. Well matter of fact in my village girl’s ratio of Graduate is higher than the boys. Maybe because they all know how hard they have to work to go for the education. It could not have been possible if two main points where not there:

College fees: It is quite less compare to what all big college charge to student. I graduated from Allahabad University in less than 5,000 Rs. And it is combines fees of all three years. It gives them option of dreaming that they can also take the education.

College status: Co College may be in trend in big city but if you go in small city there you find all girls and all boys colleges. Well it might be seemed backward to people here in big city. This is only hope for lots of girls whose parents might not allow them to go for college if it is Co College. This is truth but who cares if we can educate one generation we hope next will be more liberal and free in his/her thoughts.

I received the best education that my family can provide me. But when I see there are talented child’s out there but they can’t do anything. They don’t know what to do with life.

Well moving on I just imagined how things can be changed with little effort but will be helpful. I have seen city grow and villages turn into city just because of this education industry. I Hope same will happen with my village. Someday we might get to know it as a education hub of Allahabad.

A noise broke my thoughts. It was horn of car. Well I have given them way as I was walking in the middle of the road. Well walking carrying a big bag filled with all dirty cloth was not easy. I was smiling at every change I can notice. From trees to new homes in the village, new holes in the road and yet it seemed so much the same old like nothing has changed since I was the kid.

P.S.: Well education is one thing which can change your life. Even my grandmother used to take classes from me when I was in school. If she can try I think ever body can. She can write her name in Hindi and English yet she has not seen the face of school (only time she was in school to listen my compliant from teachers).

 By:  Saifi Shahid