Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mission Admission ...the battle for Child admission.

Well last week I was discussing with my sister the hardest thing she faced her in life in last few years. Her answer was straight to me, “You know it may sound easy to you but getting admission to Mahi to good school is the biggest battle I am facing right now”. I expected that answer but never thought how our education system has changed and it has become much more difficult to get admission in good college.

So the mission Admission starts from January. All the good school either of CBSE and ICES has their own criteria of admission.Some take test of student and some even of the parents. My sister applied for few of the best school my sweet angel. She has almost trained her for 1 year for the interview and test by teaching him home.

My sister wanted to apply for Mahi admission in one of the reputed ICSE School in our city but the problem was getting the admission form of that school. So we have to track lots of sources who have access of that and even the person who can provide details about that. So that school form cost around 1000 bucks and yet you are not sure wheatear your child will get admission.
They have strange admission criteria like father and mother should be well educated, they should have an X amount of salary and the best one they can speak English. Can anybody tell me how that can be main criteria for the child admission.

Nobody ask about how good child is and how talented he or she is. It makes you clueless how to overcome these problems. Well in the end you realize it harder to get admission for child in school then them to IIT or IIM because there their fate will be in hand in but now there fate is in the hand of their respective mother and father even before they have started education.

After trying for too many schools, there was one school which my sister was able to get to admission. Well here also the most important part was the Interview of parent not the child. She told while answering the question she felt like it was her admission test not Mahi. Not a single question was asked for her but all the question was asked to my Sister. The question where do you know English, from where you have done your education, you are science student or arts. Well she can’t get admission of mahi here also due to donation price was way too much.

Well after few tries she finally managed to get her admission in the same school from where we all have done our schooling. Well it’s strange that today admission process has nothing to do with the child age, her ability and her desire but only on parents and the amount they can pay to school.

In the end my sister took the best decision even though I was not part of it and I was the one who opposed it. She decided to give Mahi one year of more freedom. No schooling this year maybe that was the best outcome of it. Next year she has to again go through the same things, same school, admission process and admission form and whole lots of interview.

P.S.: Better be prepared for admission marathon of the school. Read not for your career but for your children.